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Online Classes Using Zoom

In response to the need to reduce in person meetings and events the CE department will be hosting most classes for the months of March and April online using a web based platform called Zoom. This is a very simple program that does not require an account or any information from you. You will receive an email with a link to your Zoom “classroom” from your instructor or from CE itself.  You can follow this link via your phone or any computer with a web browser and an internet connection. There are options to download a program or app, but you can also do this just via a web browser. Use of a video camera is entirely optional as well. You will need either a microphone for your computer, or you may use a phone to call in so you can speak with your instructor and fellow students.

If you are interested in learning more about Zoom please visit their website at but you DO NOT NEED to create an account. Only your instructor needs to have an account, all students will simply be participating in the meeting without an account.

Finally, if you have questions or concerns about using the Zoom technology please contact us at or 253-833-9111 ext. 2535 for additional help.

Zoom Practice Session

We are offering a free information session on how to use zoom for a class. Click here to register.

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