Teach for Continuing & Community Education

Do you have a special skill, experience, interest or hobby you would like to pass on? We are always looking for new, enthusiastic instructors in lifelong learning, business and professional development, computers, and technical programs at our Auburn, Enumclaw and Kent campuses.


Here are some helpful guidelines to consider before proposing a new class:

  • Is the class already being offered?
  • Is your class idea being offered by the college for credit, retail, commercial, or other colleges in the area?
  • Are you currently teaching or considering teaching this course at other colleges in the area?
  • Is your class wide enough in scope or the topic unique enough to appeal to the general population who enroll in Continuing and Community Education courses?
  • What would a community member expect to pay for your type of class?
  • Are you proposing a class to promote your own business or consulting service?

To Submit a Proposal

  • Download and complete the Teaching Application and Course Proposal Form.
  • Submit your completed application and proposal by email or mail to:

    Continuing and Community Education
    Green River College
    12401 SE 320th Street
    Auburn, WA 98092

We accept proposals throughout the year and generally are working on schedule deadlines six months in advance. If we do not use your proposal in any given quarter, we may keep it on file for possible consideration in future quarters.

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