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A member of the Northwest Athletic Conference (NWAC), Green River College was a founding member of the sport when the NWAC added it in 1978.

Playing in "The Swamp," Gator Basketball has long opened opportunities to student-athletes searching to continue their athletic and academic careers in the South Sound region.

Under the guide of NWAC Hall of Fame Coach Mike Willis, the Gators dominated the sport in the late '80’s winning the 1985 and 1987 NWAACC Championships and a seven year run of top five finishes.

Today, the Gators are making history under the guide of Coach of the Year (22-23) Karim McDonald. Not making an NWAC playoff apperance since 2003-2004, the Gators make an incredible run in 2022-2023. Going 24-4,11-1 the Gators clinched the West Region Championship title on a 14 game win streak, and making it to the Championship game. The Gators are resurging and making their mark in the NWAC Conference. 

Green River is committed to offering athletic opportunities to women aspiring to advance their playing careers at the collegiate level.

For more information about our women's basketball program, contact the Head Coach Karim McDonald, kmcdonald@greenriver.edu


Green River College Women's Basketball Coach Karim

Head Coach - Karim McDonald

Assistant Coaches:  Dayna-Joy Calubaquib, Mackenzie Lancaster, and Schuyler Davis


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