Alcohol & Other Drug Education

Alcohol & Other Drug Education

Green River College is committed to providing a high-quality, supportive and nurturing learning environment in order for students to succeed in their educational and personal endeavors. The college maintains the highest standards for a safe and healthy environment free from drugs and alcohol and strives to educate the campus community about responsible usage. 


Green River encourages students, faculty and staff to make healthy choices and supports programs for the prevention of abuse and resources for those struggling with alcohol or substance abuse. 

The alcohol and drug information presented warns of the dangers, risks and subsequent consequences involved in drinking and/or consuming illegal drugs. Our goal is to educate the community on high-risk factors that could lead to social and/or academic problems as well as hinder success.

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College Policies & Information

The following links include references to state and federal laws:

In the event students do not adhere to the expected conduct, disciplinary action or sanctions may be imposed.


eCheckup to Go

The Alcohol and Marijuana eCHECKUP TO GOs are brief feedback tools designed to help college students take a look at their alcohol and marijuana use. The screening results are anonymous and designed to provide students with personalized information about individual patterns of use and your risk patterns.


Marijuana eCHECKUP TO GO

You need:

  • A computer
  • Internet access
  • A JavaScript enabled Internet Browser
  • About 20-30 minutes
  • A printer (if you would like to print the feedback)