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Due to necessity and inventory, please make your reservation no less than one business day before you'd like to borrow a piece of equipment or have us laminate or film. If we do not have 24 hours' notice, we may not be able to fulfill your request.

Large projects will take more time to complete, especially if it's behind other projects in the queue. Lamination projects consisting of posters or a large number of sheets of paper will take significantly longer than smaller projects. We prefer that posters are no larger than a D-size sheet of plotter paper; any larger, and we may be unable to laminate it. If you wish to have laminated a poster or a significant quantity of items, please send them to us early so we will have plenty of time to perform quality work on the project.

Policy dictates we limit loans to no more than two weeks at a time. Certain equipment, such as document cameras and bar-microphones, can be installed in a classroom for a quarter.

Media Services only serves faculty and staff, and no equipment or service may be utilized by students. If equipment is used by a student during the loan period, the requesting faculty or staff is responsible for the equipment's well-being during the time in which it is being borrowed. This includes equipment use by clubs and student life organizations.

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