Guide to CCA Living

Campus Corner Apartments

A Guide to CCA Living

The Student agrees to abide by the Policies and Regulations and acknowledges that a failure to do so is an event of default under this Housing Contract and may result in disciplinary action and/or termination of Housing Contract. Other reasonable prohibitions may be instituted by CCA Staff to promote the health and welfare of Students.

  1. Improper Possession, Use or Abuse of Alcoholic Beverages
    Students may not possess, purchase, or consume any alcoholic beverages unless they are 21 years of age. Students 21 years of age or older may not purchase or provide alcohol to underage persons. Students of age are not to consume alcohol in any room in the presence of any Students under the age of 21.

  2. Possession or Use of Drugs & Drug Paraphernalia
    A Student shall not possess or use any illegal or controlled drug, drug paraphernalia, or other substance, as defined by local, state, and federal law. Students found responsible for use, possession or sale of illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia will be subject to immediate termination of the Housing Contract. Use of any commercial product (e.g. cleaners, solvents, chemicals) for the purpose of intoxication or other alteration of consciousness is not permitted.

  3. Possession or Use of Weapons & Explosives
    Possession of firearms or potentially dangerous weapons or explosives is not permitted. Fireworks, firecrackers, and dangerous chemicals are not permitted. Potentially injurious war souvenirs, hunting arrows, and collector style weapons are not permitted.

  4. Guest/Visitation
    Overnight guests may visit for periods of no longer than three consecutive nights. Persons other than the Student may not use, or be present in, the apartment unless accompanied by the Student. Students may not give their key to any non-Student guest. If a guest violates a Campus Corner Apartments policy, the Student is responsible for their actions.

  5. Quiet Hours
    Student is responsible for complying with designated quiet hours. Violators will be subject to disciplinary action.

  6. Pets
    The presence of any animals or pets is prohibited, with the exception of fish. No fish tank shall exceed a ten (10) gallon capacity. Visiting pets are prohibited. Any Student found to possess a pet of any kind other than fish, will be charged a fine per occurrence. Service and emotional support animals are allowed with the prior written notification and documentation presented to the Manager in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

  7. Violation of Safety Regulations
    Manager prohibits the tampering with, removal of, or damage to fire equipment or alarm systems. Tampering with, altering or changing any safety equipment, locks, fire alarms, smoke detectors, telephone equipment, TV cable, plumbing, electrical systems, etc., is prohibited. Compliance with all policies established for health, maintenance, and safety of the community is required.

  8. Endangering the Health and Safety of Self or Others
    CCA Staff and the College will hold Student or group of Students responsible for actions which endanger or tend to endanger the safety, health or life of any person. Behavior, over a period of time, indicating the Student is not able to adjust to the requirements of group living may be grounds for termination of the Housing Contract.

  9. Open Flame Usage
    CCA Staff prohibits use of an open flame (e.g. candle, incense, cigarette, cigar, etc.) inside any part of Campus Corner Apartments facilities.

  10. Misconduct & Harassment
    CCA Staff prohibits the following: involvement in disorderly conduct, involvement in vicious or immoral conduct such as indecent exposure, involvement in sexual misconduct in or near Campus Corner Apartments facilities, use of profane, abusive, or vulgar language in any common area (including exterior areas associated with the property) or any excessive or disruptive noises of any kind. The perpetration of harassment, physical aggression or violence, or the use of real or implied threats against another person, in or near Campus Corner Apartments facilities is prohibited.

  11. Failure to Reasonably Cooperate with Manager’s Staff
    CCA Staff requires that any individual or group comply with a reasonable request from authorized personnel in the performance of their official duties.

  12. Keys & Entry
    Allowing illegal entry by non-Students or use of Campus Corner Apartments facilities by unauthorized groups is prohibited. Unauthorized possession, use, or sale of keys to Campus Corner Apartments facilities is prohibited. Keys issued to the Student during move-in are for the Student’s sole usage and should not be loaned or duplicated. All room transfers must be approved by Manager. If Student accesses an unoccupied room without authorization from Manager, a fee will be assessed for each day of usage. Entering or attempting to enter community areas when closed or the roof of buildings is not permitted.

  13. Smoking
    Smoking is prohibited in all Campus Corner Apartments interior spaces including bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms. Smoking is permitted outside only in the designated areas on the perimeter of the Campus Corner Apartments grounds. Smoking in any other area is not permitted. Students that violate this policy may be given a warning, an educational sanction, community service hours with Manager, and/or monetary fines depending on the level of infraction.

  14. Trash & Recycling
    Student is responsible for removal of all household trash to the two designated receptacles on the Campus Corner Apartments grounds. Failure to remove trash in a timely manner may result in monetary fines. Trash is not permitted to be kept outside of the apartment. Student is responsible for complying with policies pertaining to the recycling program. Failure to comply in a timely manner may result in monetary fines.

  15. Gambling
    Participation in illegal gambling activities on College owned or controlled property, or at a function identified with the College is not permitted.

  16. Destruction of Property
    Misuse, abuse, theft or destruction of College and/or Student property is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to: cosmetic changes (contact paper, hooks, paint, wallpaper, etc.) to Campus Corner Apartments facilities, throwing or ejecting any object from a window, porch, staircase or other area, movement and/or alteration of furniture, fixtures, and/or property without prior written permission from the Manager.

  17. Appliances
    Use and/or possession of appliances which have open or exposed heating elements (e.g. hot plates, sunlamps, and halogen lamps), or any other high intensity appliances, are not permitted. Refrigerators in excess of six (6) cubic feet and portable space heaters are not permitted.

  18. Installation of Items
    Manager prohibits installation or placement inside or outside Student’s room of any equipment or materials which Manager officials deem unsightly, dangerous or otherwise undesirable (e.g. outside aerial antennas, clotheslines, bicycles, cooking grills, shoes, shower caddies, etc.). Repair or storage of motor vehicles in Campus Corner Apartments facilities is not permitted.

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