Student Housing Agreement

Your Student Housing Agreement

While living on campus you will have a Student Housing agreement that defines important aspects of what it means to be a student living in on-campus housing. From billing details to behavioral expectations, your housing agreement is an important document that you should be familiar with.

Preview the Student Housing Agreement:

Housing Agreement

Your Housing Agreement is a financially and legally binding agreement. You may petition to be released from future quarters within an Academic Year Agreement, for the following reasons:   

  • If they are no longer enrolled in the College,
  • transfer to a new institution,
  • graduate,
  • or have a medical condition that inhibits their ability to live at Campus Corner Apartments.

You may also elect to petition for matters that were unknown or unforeseen at the time they signed this Student Housing Agreement.

Documentation to verify your cause for release is required in all instances.

Housing Agreement cancellations are not reviewed until a completed Petition for Release form is signed by the requesting student, reviewed with supporting documentation, and approved, unless extenuating circumstances do not allow, or permit.

Please email to request a Petition for Release form.

Please review your complete signed Student Housing agreement to be aware of submission deadlines and documentation requirements.

Administrative Petition for Release Fees

Completed and submitted Petition for Release forms, and their supporting documentation will be reviewed. If approved, a flat $800 administrative fee will be applied. The fee must be successfully paid before the release process is completed and the future quarter is cancelled. 

Note: Residents petitioning due to 100% remote coursework would incur the administrative fee and must demonstrate full online enrollment for the quarter they are seeking to be released from.

Students who submit the petition form after the deadlines above and/or after the Start Date and are approved will incur a Cancellation Fee of $1,500. The fee must be successfully paid before the release process is completed and the future quarter is cancelled.

If you are experiencing difficulties in campus housing, it is your responsibility to communicate this to a RA or Student Housing Staff member.  Most issues can be resolved through staff referral to appropriate resources and conflict resolution.  Should you choose to depart for any reason not listed above or fail to provide required documentation, you will be subject to the terms of your Student Housing Agreement in its entirety.

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Counseling Support

TELUS Student Health app available to all housing residents 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

TELUS Student Health Support

In person counseling services are also available to all Green River students. Visit the Counseling Services page for more information.


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