Reporting or Filing a Complaint

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How do I report or file a complaint related to sexual misconduct?

Information on reporting or filing a complaint, what happens after a report or complaint is filed, and more.

Report to the College for a Violation of Policy GA-11

Green River College’s policy GA-11 Sex Discrimination Grievance Procedure states that any employee, student, applicant, or visitor who believes that they have been the subject of discrimination or harassment should report the incident or incidents to the College’s Title IX Coordinator. 

What happens when I report to the Title IX Coordinator?

The Title IX Coordinator is a school official who has been specifically trained in collecting information and in referring those impacted by sexual assault to helpful resources. The Title IX Coordinator -

  • Will gather your information and keep accurate notes and records of your report and any referrals provided to you.
  • Will inform and ask to obtain consent from you before commencing an investigation into a sexual violence complaint.
  • Will determine and inform you if the College can honor a request for confidentiality. Maintaining confidentiality may limit the College’s ability to fully respond to the allegations. Retaliation by the respondent and/or others is prohibited.
  • May conduct an investigation or oversee an investigation handled by another campus official. If an investigation is to be conducted by someone other than the Title IX Coordinator, you will be informed.
  • May impose protective measures during the investigations. Interim measures may be imposed to protect you and/or the respondent pending the conclusion of the investigation.
  • Will issue written findings and recommendations upon completion of the investigation.

What protective measures may I be offered?

Protective measures offered during the course of an investigation are determined on a case by case basis.

They may include, but are not limited to –

  • Campus enforcement of no contact orders
  • Rescheduling of classes
  • Temporary work reassignments
  • Referrals for counseling or medical assistance
  • Disciplinary action for the respondent consistent with the College’s Student Conduct Code

How to Report

Any employee, student, applicant, or visitor who believes that he, she or they has been the subject of discrimination or harassment should report the incident or incidents to the College’s Title IX Coordinator identified below. If the complaint is against that Coordinator, the complainant should report the matter to the President’s office for referral to an alternate designee.


  • Mark Brunke, Senior Director of  Human Resources
  • Administration Building (AD) 31
  • Phone: (253) 288-3350 Email:


The College encourages the timely reporting of any incidents of discrimination or harassment. Complaints may be submitted in writing or orally. For complainants who wish to submit a written complaint, complete the Discrimination Complaint Processing Form 2023 and submit the form to the appropriate Title IX Coordinator.

Report to the Police for criminal investigation

  • If you are in immediate danger call 911 or campus safety at 253-288-3350.
  • If you are not in immediate danger but would like an officer to come to you, call: 253-931-3080.

I haven’t Decided if I Want to Report

You are never required to make an official report. You also don’t have to make a report right away; you can always choose to do that at another time. Here are some things you can do if you might want to make a report later:

  • Go to the Harborview Medical Center for Sexual Assault and Traumatic Stress they have 24-hour access to medical professionals trained in sexual assault. Contact 206-521-1800
  • Write down what you remember about the assault after at least one night of sleep, sometimes it helps to ask a trusted person to write down what you say

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Please be aware that incidents disclosed to CTW staff may be reportable under the Clery Act

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