Active Shooter, Armed Intruder or Shelter-in-Place

Armed assailants and "active shooters" create highly unpredictable situations. The following guidelines are based on federal training guidelines and best practices. An alternate response may be necessary depending upon the actual situation. Every situation is different. Trust your judgment for the best course of action. Your own safety is your top priority!


  • Lock and barricade the doors
  • Close curtains, stay quiet and away from windows
    HIDE and turn off/silence computer monitors, radios, cell phones and other audio devices
  • If outside, run away from the gunshots or armed intruder


  • Stay calm and keep thinking
  • Shelter in place
  • Call Campus Safety at extension 3350 and dial 911 if you can
  • Notify others via phone and text what you know
  • Follow law enforcement instructions
  • AS A LAST RESORT, you may need to physically confront an armed intruder


  • DO NOT answer the door
  • DO NOT come out until notified by law enforcement

Use Your Abilities to Survive an Active Shooter

Have you ever thought about how you'd respond to an Active Shooter situation? Green River College has received permission from the City of Los Angeles Emergency Management Department, LAPD, and the City of Los Angeles Department on Disability to highlight how you can use your abilities to survive an active shooter incident. This informative video, which is applicable to everyone, including persons with disabilities and individuals with access and functional needs, is designed to give you practical tips to use in case of an Active Shooter incident. Be prepared!”

Alcohol & Other Drugs

Click here for information about Narcan (Naloxone HCI) Opioid Overdose Response.

Contact Campus Safety

Emergency: 911

Non-Emergency: From any campus phone, dial 3350. All other phones 253-288-3350.

Safety Requests:

Director of Campus Safety & TransportationDerek Ronnfeldt

Alerts & Notifications

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