• Be sure you know the location of fire extinguishers, exits and pull stations in your area
  • Always evacuate when you hear the fire alarm. There is no way to know whether the alarm is false or not. Evacuate
  • the proceed immediately to the nearest building rally point


  • Pull fire alarm
  • Call Campus Safety at 253-288-3350 or campus extension 3350
  • Evacuate the building, close the doors


  • Smother or douse a small, minor fire if you feel you can control it without endangering others
  • Call Campus Safety at 253-288-3350 or campus extension 3350 even if the fire is out
  • If fire is small AND you have extinguisher training, use a portable fire extinguisher to put out the fire
  • If you have doubt about the size of the fire or your ability to extinguish it, do not try. Evacuate.
  • If you become trapped, get as low as possible where there is the least amount of smoke


  • DO NOT attempt to extinguish a fire if you doubt the size or your ability
  • DO NOT use elevators
  • DO NOT stop for personal belongings or records
  • DO NOT stand in smoke. Crawl to nearest exit, cover your nose and mouth with a cloth to avoid inhaling smoke
  • DO NOT open a door if smoke is pouring in or around the bottom or if it feels hot

Alcohol & Other Drugs

Click here for information about Narcan (Naloxone HCI) Opioid Overdose Response.

Contact Campus Safety

Emergency: 911

Non-Emergency: From any campus phone, dial 3350. All other phones 253-288-3350.

Safety Requests:

Director of Campus Safety & TransportationDerek Ronnfeldt

Alerts & Notifications

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Rally Point Maps

Main Campus Rally Points

Kent Center Rally Points

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