Meet the Team

We are a dedicated, passionate team of professionals who believe that focusing on employee development and personal growth results in an exceptional working environment. Our goal is to create the absolute best environment in which to work and grow.

Marshall Sampson, Human Resources

Marshall Sampson

Photo of Korland Simmons

Korland Simmons

Barbara Iribarren, Human Resources

Barbara Iribarren

Chernenko Wheatley, Human Resources

Chernenko Wheatley

Sheryl Gordon, Human Resources

Sheryl Gordon

Tammy Shilipetar, Human Resources

Tammy Shilipetar

Jessica Tichy, Public Records

Jessica Tichy

Lenzi Penaranda, Human Resouces

Lenzi Penaranda

Photo of Staci Whitehouse

Staci Whitehouse

Life at Green River

We all work together toward a common mission, but come to Green River College from all walks of life. It's our people that make this experience enjoyable, rewarding and fulfilling. Among us, you'll be amazed by our diverse backgrounds, hear a large variety of languages spoken, and witness a unique and global perspective on our campus.

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