About the Learning Outcomes Committee

Our Vision

Students completing programs at Green River College, whether Academic Transfer or Career and Technical Education, will be better able to achieve their goals after leaving Green River. This is because they will have achieved a high degree of knowledge and skill in their chosen majors, programs, or specialties and, in addition, because they will have developed a number of general core abilities and skills which will serve them well in all aspects of their lives.

Our Mission

The mission of the Learning Outcomes Committee is to promote continuous improvement in the quality of teaching and learning by facilitating in the identification and assessment of student learning outcomes. Student learning outcomes are those skills, abilities, attitudes and behaviors that are most likely to contribute to student success, both as a student here at Green River College and after leaving Green River. It is an essential part of the mission of the Learning Outcomes Committee to utilize its cross-discipline and cross-divisional structure (dictating by its being a subcommittee of the Instructional Council) when facilitating in the identification and assessment of quality teaching and student learning outcomes. The Learning Outcomes Committee will also serve as a training and information resource for faculty wishing to improve their teaching and to integrate and assess student learning in their individual courses, at the program-level, and at the campus-wide level. As a sub-committee of the Instructional Council, the Learning Outcomes Committee is responsible for giving periodic reports to the Instructional Council, where current assessment plans are outlined and guidance in those plans is sought from the members of the Instructional Council.