October 17, 2017 LOC Minutes

Date: Tuesday, Oct. 17th
Time: 12-12:50
Place: Salish Hall 120-31

Attending: Jacob Frye, Kelsey Denton, Joy Crawford, Allison Beckwith, Susan Davis, John Falconer, Chitra Solomonson, Sara Lucas, Kelly Eisenhour, Fia Eliasson-Creek, Jennifer Branstad

  • This year’s initiatives: Julie gave an overview of the following initiatives that the LOC will make its focus this year. They are as follows.

    • Accreditation Preparation for 2020 visit: compliance with accreditation standards for course, program, and campus-wide assessment. Compliance with syllabus requirements for outcomes, publishing all outcomes (web, CAR database).

      Julie is participating in a new committee that is looking at replacing the CAR database. The goal is that this new database will effectively house the course, program, and campus outcomes. She’ll report back as she learns more.

      Julie is also working with MARCOM on revising the LOC website to include published outcomes. She will report back as this evolves.

    • Program Outcomes Assessment: Each program (defined as a department) will once again complete the Program Outcomes Assessment process this year. This is imbedded in the revised PA&I format, which is being piloted by several divisions this year. Julie has organized with divisions for this again, and has leads in all divisions except Trades. There is not a lot of additional work to be done in this area at this point. The process just needs to begin and continue over the year with Julie touching base with assessment leads in each division/department to see how things are progressing.

    • Campus-wide Outcomes Assessment: This process needs attention this year. We need a method for collecting more student samples to assess for the four Campus-wide Outcomes. Once we have these, faculty will be asked to participate in an assessment of this work to determine its level of quality. This information will then go to the Core Theme Teams for them to use as part of their data analysis of the Core Themes.

      The LOC brainstormed several ideas for gathering this student work. 1) The Advising Committee is looking at requiring a 60 credit advising appointment for students. Could we link a data collection of student work with this appointment? 2) Canvas has the capability of allowing students to create a Profile and then build a portfolio of their work as part of that Profile. If we could get this functionality turned on in Canvas, we could utilize this as a way of informing students of our study and asking them to contribute samples from their Profile to the study. We could incentivize this in some way – free cap and gown at graduation? Other?

      Related question: Do we need permission from students for their submitted work?
    • Quarterly training on key outcomes topics: Julie proposed that we create four different training modules. 1) Outcomes in the syllabus, 2) Forming strong outcomes language, and 3) Designing strong outcomes assessments, 4) Introduction to Outcomes Assessment. She asked for volunteers to help her create these. Kelsey Denton and John Falconer both offered. We can attach budget to this or ask for budget from Faculty Excellence to pay faculty who create these for their work.

      The committee suggested that we create and pilot 1-2 videos to test whether they are effective. They also suggested sending them out via email in addition to putting them in the division outcomes Canvas shell.

    • LOC Budget: Proposed Budget: Julie shared a draft of the LOC budget and asked for feedback. The LOC emphasized the need for additional funds to pay adjuncts for program assessment work. Fia confirmed that there are no additional funds for this at present, but if we made a case for this she can take it to President’s Staff to ask for additional monies. Julie will follow up on this.

Proposed LOC Budget 2017-2018 (Drafted 10/2/2017)

Chair Stipend 11,832
Campus-wide Assessment: Faculty Assessment Teams for each CWO 4,000
Program Assessment: Program Outcomes Assessment Coordinators 18,700
Summer Institute 10,000
Travel to ATL (10 at $500 planned) + Other as needed 4,000
Training/Professional Development on Outcomes 800

Next Meeting: Tuesday, Nov. 14th from 12-1 in SH 120-31