BSR-3 Monitoring Presidential Performance


The Board will monitor performance in a manner as to have systematic assurance of policy compliance.

  1. Policy compliance may be monitored at any time, but the monitoring shall include at least one of the following methods:
    1. Internal reports: Disclosure of compliance information to the Board from the president. Internal reports may include community and student surveys, assessment of student learning, Washington state performance reporting, financial and monitoring reports on college outcomes.
    2. External reports: Disclosure of compliance information by an external auditor or other person or entities external to the institution. External reports may include audit and accreditation information.
    3. Direct board review: Discovery of compliance information by a Board member or the Board as a whole. Discovery by an individual Board member will be reported to the Board Chair for review by the Board as a whole. Review may be of documents, activities or circumstances directed by the Board, which allows a prudent person test of compliance.
  2. College Outcomes and Executive Limitations will be monitored by the Board no less than annually.
  3. The Board will typically review executive performance at its annual July Board meeting including discussion of the president’s working job description. The Board, in conjunction with the president, shall also develop an annual assessment instrument to be used during this review.

History of Policy 

Draft: 11/4/03, 10/10/19
Adopted: 4/15/04
Reviews: 10/10/19
Revised: 1/16/14, 12/18/14, 11/21/19