BSR-4 Staff Reports to the Board


The Board of Trustees will govern with an emphasis on outward vision rather than being overly preoccupied with internal college operations. Because of this focus and a concentration on the identified core objectives, to the extent possible, college staff and faculty shall address the following four questions during formal Reports to the Board.

  1. How does this program/activity/initiative align with the College strategic plan?
  2. What are the benefits and/or impacts to students? How will this contribute to student learning, success and completion?
  3. How will success be defined and measured?
  4. What is the future outlook? (feasibility, sustainability, improvement)

All documents and reports presented to the Board must be submitted in writing to the Board Secretary for inclusion in the official meeting minutes.

History of Policy 

Draft: November 4, 2003
Adopted: April 15, 2004 
Revised: October 17, 2013