BSR-5 Other Board Interactions


The Board of Trustees needs to be responsive to everyone’s needs, but they do not have authority as single individuals. The Board is a policy-making board, and authority lies with the Board.

Uninvited direct contact between individual members of the Board and faculty is not encouraged. Board members should encourage faculty members to participate in a meeting of the entire Board either in regular, special or study sessions. If an invitation is presented to individual Board members or the entire Board to attend classes or learn about programs, the Board should be made aware of the invitation and should welcome these interactions. Afterward, individual Board members should update the Board of such interactions so that the entire Board can remain informed. If the Board agrees that an individual Board member should attend the interaction, that individual is sent with intent to listen, gather information and report back to the Board.

Much of the same relationship should exist with students as with faculty. Students with information to convey or complaints to lodge should be referred through the normal channels at the College.

History of Policy 

Draft: May 10, 2016
Adopted: September 16, 2016