CO-2 College Vision


The vision for Green River Community College is:

Green River College will be an equity-centered leader in higher education committed to excellence in teaching and learning, to being an anti-racist college, and to advancing social and economic justice.

All members of the college community will feel a strong sense of belonging and, together, build a culture of care. The racial and ethnic diversity of staff, faculty, and leadership will reflect the diversity of the communities we serve.

Green River will be:

  • The destination of choice for post-secondary education
  • First choice in partnership with our community, its business and industry.
  • Ranked among the best nationally in student achievement, closing all opportunity gaps.
  • Recognized for its preparation of students for the global workforce and for civic engagement in an increasingly diverse, interdependent world.

History of Policy 

Draft: November 14, 2001, December 10, 2001, January 17, 2002
Adopted: February 21, 2002, October 17, 2013  
Revised: January 20, 2005, September 19, 2013, September 16, 2021