EL-7 Communication/Counsel to the Board


The president shall keep the Board adequately informed. Accordingly, the president shall:

  1. Submit monitoring reports and other key data in a timely, accurate, and understandable fashion, directly addressing provisions to the Board policies being monitored.
  2. Keep the Board informed of relevant trends, anticipated adverse media coverage, actual or anticipated legal actions, or material external and internal changes, particularly changes in the assumptions upon which any Board policy has previously been established.
  3. Advise the Board, if in the president’s opinion, the Board is not in compliance with its own policies on Governance Process and Board-Staff Relationships, particularly in the case of Board behavior which is detrimental to the working relationship between the Board and the president.
  4. Present accurate and complete information that is concise, current and relevant.
  5. Provide a mechanism for official Board communication.
  6. Communicate with the Board as a whole, except when fulfilling individual requests for information.
  7. Report in a timely manner an actual or anticipated noncompliance with any policy of the Board.

History of Policy 

Draft: December 12, 2003, February 16, 2004
Adopted: April 15, 2004 
Revised: March 20, 2014