GP-7 Naming of Facilities


The Board of Trustees shall have the discretion of naming college facilities, including buildings, rooms, landscaped areas or other significant locations. The Board will give consideration to naming for people or organizations that have made extraordinary contributions to Green River Community College through personal service, financial support, or who have greatly enhanced the prestige of the institution through outstanding state or national achievement or recognition.

The naming of facilities should be done deliberately. In exercising its discretion, the Board will consider requests within the following guidelines:

  1. Naming a facility after an employee or a person officially involved with Green River shall normally be made one year or more after retirement, conclusion of their relationship with the College or the person’s death.
  2. While the Board normally reserves the right to approve a proposed name, the Board may delegate the ability to grant preliminary approval to the president in certain circumstances.
  3. The Board delegates responsibility to the president to solicit input and suggestions for naming.

History of Policy 

Draft: November 4, 2003, December 12, 2003
Adopted: April 15, 2004 
Revised: October 17, 2013