BA-3 Expenditures for Political Activities

BA-3 Expenditures for Political Activities

The state Constitution, state and federal laws, and the Ethics in Public Service Act strictly prohibit State employees from using the facilities of state offices or state resources to assist a political candidate’s election campaign or to promote or oppose a ballot proposition.

All state officers and employees

De-minimis use: An infrequent or occasional use that result in little or no actual cost to the state.

Policy and/or Procedure
The Green River Community Ethics Policy is available to all here. 
1. The section of the Green River College Ethics Policy that specifically addresses Expenditures for Political Activities is “Use of Public Resources for Political Campaigns.”

2. The allowance for de minimis use does not apply to political or campaign activities.

3. Questions and/or clarifications of the policy can be addressed to the Green River College Ethics Committee (see Gatornet for listing of members), or the Washington State Executive Ethics Board at

Specific Authority
RCW 42.52.180;
WAC 292-110-010;
Green River College Ethics Policy;
Ethics in Government Act

Law Implemented
RCW 42.52, Effective date -- 1994 c 154.

History of Policy or Procedure
Draft: November 16, 2004
Adopted: April 5, 2005
Reviewed by:
Contact: Teresa Collins, Controller, ext. 3356
President’s Staff Sponsor: Rick Brumfield, Vice President for Business Affairs, ext. 3305