BA-7 Travel Advances

BA-7 Travel Advances

Green River College may process a travel advance to defray some costs which are incurred while traveling on official state business away from the official station or residence.

State officers & employees

Traveler: State officers and employees who are traveling on authorized state business.

Official Station: The city, town, or other location where the state official or employee's office is located, or the city, town, or loca
tion where the state official or employee's work is performed on a permanent basis.


  1. To obtain a travel advance, the traveler must have a completed Travel Authorization (Form A-40) on file in the Accounts Payable office
  2. Frequent travelers are encouraged to apply for a Corporate Travel Card through the college’s Travel Liaison in Account Payable, which will eliminate the need for a travel
  3. Infrequent travelers who do not have a Corporate Travel Card can have their hotel accommodations paid for through the college’s Travel Liaison in Accounts Payable
    using the college’s corporate travel account
    1. To utilize this method of payment, notify the college’s Travel Liaison in Accounts Payable by noting the name of the lodging facility, phone number and hotel confirmation number on the Travel Authorization form.
    2. Having accommodations paid through the college’s Travel Liaison will not preclude the traveler from also receiving an advance for per diem, if all other approvals and requirements are met.
  4. The following limitations and requirements will be applied to all travel advances prior to being issued:
    1. Travel advances will not be issued for an amount less than $100, unless an exception is granted (see “b.” below).
    2. An exception to “a.” above may be granted by an administrator at their discretion if the restriction would create an undue hardship on the traveler.
    3. Travel advances are for a period not to exceed 90 days.
    4. Travel advances cannot be issued more than 10 days preceding the start of travel.
    5. Travel advances are prohibited for use of (1) privately owned vehicles; and (2) purchase of commercial airfares.
    6. The traveler must expend the travel advance only to defray necessary reimbursable costs while performing official duties.
    7. No travel advance shall be considered for any purpose as a loan to a traveler. Any unauthorized disbursement of a travel advance is to be considered misappropriation of state funds.
    8. A traveler cannot have more than one advance outstanding at a time. An advance must be cleared by returning the unspent amount or accounting for the entire amount on a Travel Expense Voucher (A20-AE) in order for a traveler to be eligible for another advance
  5. If a request for a travel advance satisfies the items in #4 above, a travel advance will be issued.
    1. Travel advances will be computed at 80% of the anticipated cost for domestic travel.
  6. The traveler shall submit a fully itemized Travel Expense Voucher (form A20-AE,available on the GatorNet) on or before the 10th day following completion of the travel that was associated with the travel advance. The traveler must fully justify the expenditure of any portion of the advance for legally reimbursable items on behalf of the state.
  7. The traveler shall return any portion of the travel advance not expended to the agency at the close of the authorized travel period. The traveler is to submit the payment by cash, check or similar instrument to the Cashier’s Office to be deposited to the college using fee code “AM.”
  8. To protect the state from any losses on account of travel advances made, the state has a prior lien against and shall withhold any and all amounts payable or to become payable by the state to such officer or employee up to the amount of such travel advance plus interest at a rate of ten percent per annum, until such time as repayment or justification has been made.
  9. Failure to follow procedures regarding turning in paperwork or excess advance could result in the traveler being ineligible for future advances. 

Specific Authority 
RCW 43.03.150, Advance payment of travel expenses—Authorized
RCW 43.03.170, Advance payment of travel expenses—Advance warrants—Issuance—Limitations 
RCW 43.03.180, Advance payment of travel expenses—Itemized travel expense voucher to be submitted—Repayment of unexpended portion of advance—Default
RCW 43.03.190, Advance payment of travel expenses—Lien against and right to withhold funds payable until proper accounting or repaying of advance made 
RCW 43.03.200, Advance payment of travel expenses—Advances construed 
SAAM Manual 10.80.60, Travel Advances 

Law Implemented

History of Policy or Procedure
Draft: May 4, 2006
Adopted: June 29, 2007
Reviewed by:
Contact: Teresa Collins, Controller, ext. 3356
President’s Staff Sponsor: Rick Brumfield, Vice President for Business Affairs, ext. 3305