GA-13 Grant/Contract Proposal Development

The purpose of these procedures is to outline the process for faculty and staff members who seek grant funding for their program.

This policy affects all faculty and staff.

Idea Initiator: The person interested in pursuing the grant.

Proposal Development Team: Idea Initiator, appropriate Dean or Director, Vice President (or Presidential Direct Report), Resource Development Director, and Financial Systems Analyst 

Grant/Contract Management Team: Grant Project Manager, appropriate Dean or Director, Vice President (or Presidential Direct Report), Resource Development Director, and Financial Systems Analyst

Policy and/or Procedure 
A Proposal Development Team will facilitate Grant/contract activity, and if successful, a Grant/Contract Management Team will be formed. These Virtual Teams will be formed and disbanded as needed.

  1. A grant or contract opportunity may be discovered by any individual on campus. The Idea Initiator will complete a Grant Summary Form. See file: n\grants and contracts\general information\grntform.doc. (If assistance is needed, contact Resource Development Director in the Development Office at ext. 3346.)
  2. The Grant Summary Form is used to initiate discussion on:
    1. Staffing needs, faculty release time, facilities requirements
    2. Continuation requirements at the completion of the grant
    3. Support requirements from other departments
    4. A rough budget to see if the project is feasible with the grant money offered
    5. Institutional financial and matching commitments and how these will be achieved
  3. A Proposal Development Team will be brought together and will use the Grant Summary Form to establish fit with college wide, divisional or departmental goals and objectives, and gain support as follows: (Timing may be critical)
    1. Dean or Director - reviews and signs off on the form
    2. Vice President (or Presidential Direct Report) reviews and signs off on the form
    3. Financial Systems Analyst reviews with VP Business Affairs
    4. Staff meeting – Vice President or presidential direct report takes to President’s staff meetings
  4. Once the Grant Summary form is reviewed at the President’s staff meeting, the Proposal Development Team:
    1. Develops a proposal
    2. Secures letters of support
    3. Develops a budget (incl. salary and benefits), double-checking for matching regulations
    4. Calculates appropriate indirect costs within regulations
    5. Develops project timelines, outcomes, and documentation of needs
  5. The Vice President (or Presidential Direct Report) provides periodic updates at the President’s staff meetings as needed. The Resource Development Director will take the final proposal to the President or delegated authority for final signature.

Specific Authority 

Law Implemented

History of Policy or Procedure
Draft: Developed by Deans Edith Capen and Sam Ball in 1999
Revised: April 5, 2005
Reviewed by:
Contact: Anne Baunach, Resource Development Director, ext. 3346
President’s Staff Sponsor: Kara Hefley, Vice President, Resource Development, ext. 3338

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