GA-14 Grant/Contract Procedures, Post Award

The purpose of these procedures is to outline the process for faculty and staff members who receive a grant as to the process post award.

This policy affects all faculty and staff who have been awarded a grant from an outside organization.

Idea Initiator: The person interested in pursuing the grant.

Proposal Development Team: The Idea Initiator, the appropriate Dean or Director, Vice President (or Presidential Direct Report), Resource Development Director, and Financial Systems Analyst

Grant/Contract Management Team: Grant Project Manager, appropriate Dean or Director, Vice President (or Presidential Direct Report), Resource Development Director, and Financial Systems Analyst

Policy and/or Procedure
The Resource Development Director, with input from the Proposal Development Team, will negotiate final budget and program issues with the Grantor.

The Vice President (or Presidential Direct Report) will gain signatures and/or present to BOT for approval (if needed).

The Grant & Contract Management Team, led by the Project Manager, will:

  1. Establish signature authority, complete Signature Authority form, and distribute as needed
  2. Review start and stop dates, determine report timelines
  3. Develop release time forms and gain approvals as needed
  4. Review reporting requirements specified in grant
  5. Meet with Resource Development Director & Financial Systems Analyst to go over necessary procedures for grant
  6. Administration (done within 30 days of the awarding of the grant/contract)
  7. Review grant progress on a quarterly basis (through email, phone, meetings, etc.) 

Resource Development Director, working with the Project Manager will:

  1. Review grant/contract terms and conditions with grant management team, faculty and staff
  2. Ensure grantor receives regular reports on grant/contract progress
  3. Interpret fed or state guidelines and regulations.
  4. Negotiate future revisions
  5. Maintain the grant/contract master file
  6. Ensure that all grant/contract evaluation activities are accomplished according to timelines

Financial Systems Analyst, working with the Project Manager will:

  1. Identify grantor billing contact information
  2. Establish a new grant/contract account
  3. Establish an accounts receivable process
  4. Initiate overhead entries specified in grant/contract
  5. Insure that match amounts and deadlines occur
  6. Submit financial reports as required

The Project Manager is responsible for Operational Oversight and will:

  1. Make sure all grant/contract objectives are met
  2. Initiate transactions: a) staffing requirements, b) purchasing
  3. Provide regular reports on grant/contract progress to the Dean or Director and others as needed
  4. Submit all required program reports with copies (or a link to an electronic file) to the Grants Office

The Project Manager, working with Financial Systems Analyst, is also responsible for Financial Oversight and will:

  1. Monitor the budget to assure that salaries, accounts payable, and accounts receivable are in line with grant timelines, are in the correct accounts, and are within regulations

Specific Authority 
RCW 28B.50.140(13). 93-04-022, § 132J-125-095

Law Implemented

History of Policy or Procedure
Draft: Developed by Deans Edith Capen and Sam Ball in 1999
Revised: April 5, 2005
Reviewed by:
Originator: Financial Systems Analyst, Financial Systems Analyst, ext. 3353 or Resource Development Director, Resource Development Director, ext. 3346
President’s Staff Sponsor: Rick Brumfield, Vice President, Business Affairs, ext. 3305 or Kara Hefley, Vice President, Resource Development, ext. 3338

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