GA-18 Traffic and Parking

WAC 132J-116-010 Purpose for adopting rules. The rules and regulations contained in this chapter are adopted under that authority for the following purposes:

  1. To protect and control pedestrian and vehicular traffic;
  2. To assure access at all times for emergency traffic;
  3. To minimize traffic disturbance during class hours; and
  4. To facilitate the operation of the community college by assuring access for vehicles and regulating the use of parking spaces.

All individuals operating vehicles on the Green River College campus.

WAC 132J-116-021 Definitions. As used in this chapter:

"Board" shall mean the board of trustees of Green River College, District 10, state of Washington.

"Campus" shall mean any and all public lands owned, operated, or maintained by Green River College, District 10, state of Washington.

"Campus security officer" shall mean an independent contractor or employee of the college who is designated by the vice-president for business affairs as being responsible for campus traffic control, parking, and security.

"College" shall mean Green River College, District 10, state of Washington.

"Faculty member" or "academic employee" shall mean any employee of Green River College, District 10, state of Washington whose employment is as a teacher, counselor, librarian or academic department head, except an administrator.

"Parking permit" shall mean a writing issued under the authority of the vice president for business administration which grants a license to its authorized holder to park a designated vehicle on the campus for a time period and under conditions stated thereon.

"Permanent" parking permits shall mean permits which are valid, as specified thereon, for a school term or a portion thereof exceeding one month.

"School term" shall mean, unless otherwise designated, the time period commencing with the summer quarter of a community college calendar year and extending through the immediately subsequent fall, winter, and spring quarters.

"Staff member" shall mean a contracted or classified employee of Green River College, District 10, state of Washington.

"Student" shall mean any person who is enrolled in Green River Community College.

"Temporary" parking permits shall mean permits which are valid for a specific period designated on the permit up to a maximum of one month.

"Vehicle" shall mean an automobile, truck, motor cycle, motor scooter, or other motordriven vehicle.

"Vice-president for business administration" shall mean the college employee designated with that job title or with the responsibilities of that title by the president, and any person designated by the vice-president to act for her/him on any matter(s) arising under this chapter.

"Visitor" shall mean any person other than a student, faculty member, staff member, or officer of the college, who lawfully comes upon the campus for purposes which are in keeping with the college's role as an institution of higher education in the state of Washington.

Policy and/or Procedure 

WAC 132J-116-030 Applicable traffic rules and regulations.

The other traffic rules and regulations which are also applicable upon the campus are as follows:

  1. The motor vehicle and other traffic laws of the state of Washington; and
  2. The traffic code of the county of King, state of Washington.

WAC 132J-116-040 Permits required for vehicles on campus.

No student, faculty member, staff member, or visitor may stop, park, or leave a vehicle whether attended or unattended upon the campus without a valid parking permit issued pursuant to WAC 132J-116-050.

WAC 132J-116-050 Authorization for issuance of permits.

The vice-president for business administration is authorized to issue parking permits to students, administrators, faculty members, staff members, and visitors of the college, as follows:

  1. A person may be issued a parking permit upon the proper registration of his vehicle with the college.
  2. A person may be issued a temporary, permanent, visitor, or special use parking permit, as appropriate, under standards adopted by the vice-president for business affairs.
  3. Additional permits may be issued to an individual who shows that s/he drives more than one vehicle but agrees to park only one vehicle on campus at any one time.
  4. The vice-president for business affairs shall determine the fee, if any, to be charged for each type of permit. Persons who pay the current fee for parking permits and later request a refund shall receive refunds according to the refund policy.

WAC 132J-116-060 Valid permit

  1. A valid parking permit is:
    1. An unexpired permanent, temporary, visitor, or special use permit,
    2. Issued under the authority of the vice-president for business affairs,
    3. Used according to its terms, and
    4. Affixed to and visible from outside of the vehicle -- and the windshield if the vehicle has one.
  2. No permit will be valid for more than one year.
  3. Expired permits shall be removed from the vehicle.

WAC 132J-116-080 Transfer of permits

  1. Parking permits are not transferable except as provided herein.
  2. If a vehicle is sold or traded, a new permit will be issued to the new owner or driver at no cost if s/he brings the invalid permit or remnant thereof, and the permit number, to the permit issuing office.

WAC 132J-116-090 Permit revocation

A parking permit is the property of the college and may be revoked by the vice-president for business affairs:

  1. When the purpose for which the permit was issued no longer exists or applies;
  2. When it is used by a person or on a vehicle other than the one for whom or which it was issued;
  3. For falsification on the permit application;
  4. For the holder's or vehicle's continued or flagrant violations of parking or traffic regulations; or
  5. When it has been altered.

WAC 132J-116-100 Right to deny permit

The vice-president for business affairs may deny a parking permit to anyone who has had a previous parking permit revoked or refused, or whose driving or parking record indicates a significant disregard for the rights or safety of other people.

WAC 132J-116-110 Right to appeal

  1. When a parking permit has been revoked pursuant to WAC 132J-116-090 or has been denied under WAC 132J-116-100, or when a fine or penalty has been levied under this chapter, such action may be appealed through a brief adjudicative proceeding.
  2. Such an appeal may be made by filing within twenty days of the challenged action a written request for such a proceeding with the vice-president for marketing and student development, or her/his designee, who shall serve as presiding officer.

WAC 132J-116-120 Responsibility of person to whom permit issued

The person to whom a parking permit is issued shall be responsible for every violation of college rules and regulations involving the vehicle. However, such responsibility shall not relieve any other person of her/his separate responsibility for the same violation(s). In the event that a vehicle in violation is not registered with the college, the registered owner will be responsible for any violation(s).

WAC 132J-116-130 Designation of parking

  1. Parking spaces available on campus shall be designated and allocated by the vice-president for business affairs. 
  2. Faculty and staff spaces shall be so designated.
  3. Student spaces will be all spaces designated for parking and not posted for faculty or staff or otherwise restricted.
  4. Parking spaces may also be designated for visitors or other special purposes.

WAC 132J-116-140 Parking within designated spaces

  1. All vehicles must be parked within designated parking areas and parking stalls. 
  2. No vehicle shall be parked so as to occupy any portion of more than one parking space or stall as designated within the parking area. The fact that another vehicle may have been improperly parked shall not constitute an excuse for violation of this section.

WAC 132J-116-150 Regulatory signs and directions

The vice-president for business affairs is authorized to erect signs, barricades and other structures, and to make or post marks or other directions upon the entry ways and streets, to effectuate the objectives of this chapter. Drivers of vehicles shall observe and obey the signs, barricades, structures, markings and directions erected
pursuant to this section. Drivers shall also comply with the directions given them by a campus security officer in the control and regulation of traffic.

WAC 132J-116-160 Speed limit

No vehicle shall be operated on the campus at a speed in excess of fifteen miles per hour, or such slower speed as is reasonable and prudent under the circumstances. No vehicle of any type shall at any time use the campus parking lots for testing, racing, or other activities not authorized by the vice-president for business affairs.

WAC 132J-116-170 Pedestrian's right of way

  1. The operator of a vehicle shall yield right of way to any pedestrian. However, no pedestrian shall suddenly leave a curb or other place of safety and walk or run into the path of a vehicle which is so close that it is impossible or unsafe for the driver to yield.
  2. Whenever any vehicle slows or stops so as to yield to pedestrian traffic, the operator of any other vehicle approaching from the rear shall not overtake and pass such a vehicle which has slowed or stopped to yield to pedestrian traffic.
  3. Where a sidewalk is provided, pedestrians shall proceed upon such a sidewalk.

WAC 132J-116-180 Two-wheeled motorbikes or bicycles

  1. All two-wheeled vehicles powered by an engine shall park in a space designated for motorcycles only. No vehicles shall be ridden on the sidewalks on campus at any time unless authorized by the vice-president for business affairs.
  2. Bicycles and other non-motored cycles shall be subject to posted or published regulations as established by the vice-president for business affairs. 

WAC 132J-116-190 Report of accidents

The operator of any vehicle involved in an accident on campus resulting in injury to or death of any person or damage to the property of any one person to an apparent extent of at least $500 shall within twenty-four hours report such accident in writing to the vice-president for business affairs and to the appropriate law enforcement
agency as required by RCW 46.52.030 or other law. Any other accident may be reported, if desired, to a campus security officer.

WAC 132J-116-210 Issuance of traffic tickets

Upon observing the violation of any of the rules and regulations contained in this chapter, the vice-president for business affairs or a campus permit number, license information, infraction, issuing person, and applicable fine(s). Such summons or citation may be served by attaching or affixing a copy thereof in some prominent place outside such vehicle or by personally serving the operator.

WAC 132J-116-220 Fines and penalties

  1. The vice-president for business affairs is authorized to adopt and impose fines and penalties for violation of the rules and regulations contained in this chapter.
  2. A vehicle parked in violation of a parking regulation will be subject to a fine and also may be impounded, in accordance with RCW 46.55.070 et seq. and other applicable law, and taken to such place for storage as the vice-president for business affairs selects. The expenses of such impound and storage shall be the responsibility of the registered owner and the driver of the vehicle. The college shall not be liable for loss or damage of any kind resulting from such impounding and storage.
  3. An accumulation of traffic or parking violations by a student, staff member, administrator or faculty member may be cause for disciplinary action, to be initiated by an appropriate administrator.
  4. An accumulation of unpaid fines against a student, staff member, administrator or faculty member may be turned over to a private collection agency for collection. Other appropriate collection procedures may be initiated as deemed necessary.

WAC 132J-116-230 Liability of college

The college assumes no liability under any circumstances for vehicles on campus.

WAC 132J-116-240 Exceptions

  1. No vehicle owned by a governmental agency, as evidenced by its license plate, will be required to display a parking permit. Such vehicles will be
    subject to all other parking and traffic regulations.
  2. No patrol, service, maintenance, or other college vehicle, or vehicle authorized by a college officer to be on campus for official college business, will be required to obey parking regulations when being used for a college purpose which requires nonconforming parking.

Specific Authority 
RCW 28B.50.140(13). 93-04-022, § 132J-125-095

Law Implemented

History of Policy or Procedure
Draft: April 24, 2012
Adopted: September 17, 2012
Revised: March 6, 2013
Reviewed by: President’s Staff
Contact: Dr. Deb Casey, Interim Vice President of Human Resources, Vice President of Student Affairs, ext. 3328
President’s Staff Sponsor: Dr. Deb Casey, Interim Vice President of Human Resources, Vice President of Student Affairs, ext. 3328

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