GA-19 Logo & Trademark Use Guidelines

To ensure proper use and application of the logo and trademarks associated with Green River College.

All staff, faculty, administrators and students at Green River College.


This policy outlines the basic requirements for appropriate usage of the Green River College logo and trademark in design elements for any print publications, web content and promotional merchandise. This policy applies to faculty, staff, students, academic departments, administrative divisions/departments, alumni, informal groups, student organizations, and suppliers or manufacturers of commercial and non-commercial products. The Brand Standards Guide provides a comprehensive overview of all Green River logos and their proper use.


Guidelines for logo usage

  • Permissions
    In general, the name and logo should only be used on materials created or sanctioned by the school administration. Use of the logo by employees, students or alumni on materials for their individual use or for use to represent groups of students or alumni is not permitted without prior approval. Permission requests must be approved by the College Relations office.
  • Alterations
    The Green River logo may not be altered in any way. The use of taglines, icons or graphics as logos for Green River is prohibited. When resizing the logo for applied use, the graphic properties must be scaled proportionally. The logo must not be stretched horizontally or vertically to fit a specific size. Please refer to the Brand Standards Guide for guidance, or contact Marketing and Communications for assistance with any difficulties with logo use.

Unauthorized use
Please note that the following uses are not permitted:

  • Any use of the name or logo suggesting or implying a certification or seal of approval for activities, services and products.
  • Any use of the name or logo as a component of an organization's own logo, trademark or other branding elements.
  • Any use of the name or logo for the promotion or advertising of products, services and other activities intended to solicit business.
  • Independent organizations or departments such as TRIO, Project TEACH, KGRG and KENU may have their own logo.

Use in printed publications

  • On brochures, post cards, newsletters and other printed pieces, the college logo must appear prominently on the outside of the piece, either front or back.
  • On stationery and business cards, the layout, typefaces and positioning of the logo and contact information may not be altered for personal choice or preference.
  • Text must not appear behind, over or through the official Green River logo. Text may appear above, below or on either side of the official logo. The logo must never be tilted or upside down.
  • Use of the abbreviation "GRC" in any printed document for public consumption is prohibited. When an abbreviation is necessary, "Green River" should be used instead.

Website and social media branding

Students and employees are encouraged to use an official registered logo on college web pages and affiliated social network sites. However, individuals including alumni must obtain approval from the Marketing and Communications department before using the college logo on personal sites and fan sites.

As with printed publications, the use of the abbreviation "GRC" on any website or webpage is prohibited.


To use a registered logo on merchandise (other than retail items in the Book Store) such as shirts, coffee mugs, gifts, etc., prior approval is required. For assistance with merchandise projects, please contact the College Relations department.

Employees of Green River are expected to adhere to the logo usage policy outlined above at all times. When using College logos and trademarks, the reference information contained in the Brand Standards Guide will serve as the official guideline.

If you have any questions about the proper use of the Green River logo, please contact the Creative Services department at for assistance.

Specific Authority 

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History of Policy or Procedure
Draft: 1988
Adopted: June 2001
Revised: January 10, 2013
Reviewed by: 
Contact: George Frasier, Executive Director of Development/Foundation, ext. 3338
President’s Staff Sponsor: Vickie Sheehan, Executive Director of College Relations

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