GA-2 Tobacco Use

To ban the use of all tobacco products on Green River College campuses.

All students, employees and visitors of Green River College.


Green River Community College acknowledges the harmful and carcinogenic effects of tobacco and cigarette use in any form. Green River College supports a healthy learning and working environment.

The use, distribution or sale of tobacco, including any smoking device, or carrying of any lighted smoking instrument, in Green River Community College buildings or on Green River premises is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to all Green River sidewalks, parking lots, landscaped areas, recreational areas and buildings on any Green River property and in Green River owned, rented or leased vehicles.

The inhaling, exhaling, burning or carrying of any lighted smoking material, including cigarettes and e-cigarettes, cigars or pipes, is prohibited on college property. The use of other tobacco products such as smokeless or chewing tobacco is also prohibited on college property. This does not include FDA approved nicotine replacement therapy products for the purpose of cessation.

Smoking materials must be extinguished prior to entering upon any Green River property without exception. All tobacco products in use must be disposed of appropriately prior to entering upon any Green River property, which includes exiting a vehicle. Improper disposal includes:

  • Spitting smokeless tobacco product
  • Littering (i.e. discarded cigarette butts, throwing cigarette butts out of windows, leaving spit container)
  • Anything that creates fire hazards

No advertising or sponsorship promoting the use of tobacco shall be permitted on Green River College property, at Green River sponsored events, or in publications produced by Green River College Administrative Policies Manual
Green River, with the exception of advertising in a newspaper or magazine that is not produced by Green River and which is lawfully sold, bought or distributed on campus property.

Green River College shall neither solicit nor accept any grant, gift or anything else of value from a manufacturer, distributor or retailer whose principal business is tobacco products.

The free distribution (sampling) of tobacco products and associated products is prohibited on Green River College property.

A special exemption will be granted for limited use in a restricted area to accommodate private groups renting college facilities for private events (weddings, conferences and other special events). This exemption is subject to a $75 damage deposit per event.

Implementation and compliance with Green River College’s tobacco-free policy will be the shared responsibility of every student, faculty member, staff member and visitor. The success of this policy will depend on the thoughtfulness, consideration and cooperation of tobacco and non-tobacco users. Students, faculty, staff and visitors are requested to immediately inform Campus Safety personnel of repeat offenders and/or of disruptive behavior.

Green River College will remain in compliance with all applicable city, county, state and federal laws.

The Green River College Safety Committee reserves the right to readdress enforcement of this policy if after one year following implementation the committee deems that students, faculty, staff and visitors are continuing to disregard voluntary compliance requests.

The Safety Committee may recommend to President’s Staff, who may approve or disapprove, the implementation of additional enforcement efforts. Additional enforcement efforts could include:

  • Verbal warnings from Green River Community College safety personnel, with the assistance of students, faculty and staff;
  • Distribution of informational materials regarding this policy;
  • Citations and fines

Policy compliance by faculty and staff is considered a part of standard job performance. Violation of this policy may result in corrective/disciplinary action in accordance with established employee standards and collective bargaining agreements.

Visitors in violation may be asked to leave campus property.

Specific Authority 
RCW 28B.50.140(13). 93-04-022, § 132J-125-095

Law Implemented

History of Policy or Procedure
Draft: April 24, 2012
Adopted: September 17, 2012
Revised: March 6, 2013
Reviewed by: President’s Staff
Contact: Dr. Deb Casey, Interim Vice President of Human Resources, Vice President of Student Affairs, ext. 3328
President’s Staff Sponsor: Dr. Deb Casey, Interim Vice President of Human Resources, Vice President of Student Affairs, ext. 3328

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