GA-22 College Publications

To inform the campus community of the rules regarding campus publications aimed at potential students and the community-at-large.

Covers all marketing materials created by staff, faculty and administration. (Exceptions are made for student services materials.)

Printed or Web matter in which the college logo appears and which represents the college to the public, or invites participation in a college program or event that commits the college to perform an action or event.

Institutional Publications include, but are not limited to: the catalog, quarterly class schedules (Fall, Winter, Spring Summer, Pre-Fall), Viewbook, program information
guides, student handbook, part-time faculty handbook, telephone directory and commencement brochures. Each of these publications has their own approval process and timelines.

Departmental Publications include: printed materials representing an entire college department such as brochures, flyers, or posters. Dean, dean's delegate or director must approve content. If there's curricular information, the Curriculum office must review.

Individual Publications include, but are not limited to: business cards, letterhead, forms, course information including syllabi, and promotional flyers for individual courses.

Policy and/or Procedure

In general, the appropriate dean, dean's delegate, or director must approve informational and promotional content.

In addition to dean, dean's delegate, or director approval, publications that contain information about academic programs, credit course of instruction and degrees must be approved by the Curriculum Office.

The approval process for business cards, letterhead, notepads, faxes, memos and other internal publications such as programs or posters used for commencement, lectures, musical, theatrical, art or athletic events is the responsibility of that department's dean or director. The Publications Office will not require proof of approval to produce these publications.
All publications produced on campus must be dated. This may take the form of a small mm/yy in the bottom corner of the back page. This will help to insure the updating of all information released to the public.

To Initiate a New, Large, or Complicated Publication

  1. Pick up an Editorial Checklist at the Publications Office Communication Center, RLC 148.
  2. Use this form to ensure that ALL appropriate information is included in the text that you submit to Publications.
  3. Get approvals If you have credit course, program or transfer information, the Curriculum Office MUST approve it. A dean, his or her delegate, or a director must also approve all departmental publications.
  4. Schedule a meeting with the Publications Office to utilize the Creative Brief. This written document will help us produce the content and images that convey your message.
  5. Fill out a Service Request form for all Publications Office jobs including requests for photos. (The Duplicating Request is a separate form for jobs produced in the Print Shop.)
  6. Bring all forms and approved copy to the Publications Office and drop off. You must also submit all text for new jobs, or major revisions, to the Information Specialist, by disk or e-mail attachment, in Word for PC format.

For Minor Changes
Minor changes refer to reprints or updates of items such as stationary, flyers and brochures.

  1. Provide a marked-up copy of relevant item along with a Service Request form. Deliver to the Publications Office.

For Major Revisions or any Change that Affects Program or Credit Course Information

  1. Use the Editorial Checklist, and Service Request form.
  2. Get Curriculum approval, and then bring all materials to the Publications Office.

Proofing Process
When a proof is ready for your review, you will be notified by e-mail and/or telephone. Your proof will then be placed into a Proof Pick-up box, located at the Communications Center. If it has not been picked up within 2 working days, it will be sent to you through the inter-office mail.

Specific Authority

Law Implemented

History of Policy or Procedure
Adopted: June, 2001
Revised: April 5, 2005
Reviewed by: Cabinet, Board of Trustees
Contact: Sue Berg, Publications Manager, ext. 3327
President’s Staff Sponsor: April Jensen, Executive Vice President, ext. 2565

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