GA-4 Use of Photo Release

To protect the college from liability with regard to the use of photographic images.

All college publications utilizing photography which includes images of students, staff, faculty or community members, as well as photographs which include a corporate logo belonging to an entity outside of Green River College.

Photo Release: a written and signed document. Verbal consent will not suffice.

Policy and/or Procedure
Prior to taking a photograph of any student, staff or faculty member, photographer should obtain written consent. This written consent, in the form of a photo release must be kept on record either in a specific department or with the Publications Office.

Specific Authority  

RCW 63.60.010
RCW 63.60.020
RCW 63.60.050
RCW 63.60.030
RCW 63.60.060
RCW 63.60.070

Law Implemented

History of Policy or Procedure
Adopted: 2001
Revised: April 5, 2005
Reviewed by: Jim Tuttle, AG
Contact: Sue Berg, Publications Manager, ext. 3327
President’s Staff Sponsor: April Jensen, Executive Vice President, ext. 2565