GA-6 Trespass

Rules of student conduct

Rules of student conduct


Policy and/or Procedure 
WAC 132J-125-090 Trespass.

  1. In the instance of any event that the vice-president for marketing and student development or designee deems to be disruptive of order, or deems to impede the movement of persons or vehicles, or deems to disrupt or threaten to disrupt the ingress or egress of persons from college facilities, the vice-president for marketing and student development or designee is authorized to:
    1. Prohibit the entry of any person, or withdraw from any person the license or permission to enter onto or remain, upon any portion of a college facility;
    2. Give notice against trespass to any person from whom the license or permission has been withdrawn or who has been prohibited from entering onto or remaining upon all or any portion of a college facility;
    3. Order any person to leave or vacate all or any portion of a college facility.
  2. Any student who disobeys a lawful order given by the vice-president or designee pursuant to subsection (1) shall be subject to discipline.

Specific Authority 
WAC 132J-125-090

Law Implemented

History of Policy or Procedure
Adopted: 1993
Revised: April 5, 2005
Reviewed by:
Contact: Fred Creek, Director of Security, ext. 3335
President’s Staff Sponsor: John Ramsey, Director of Public Information, ext. 3360