HR-13 Relocation Compensation

To provide guidance for lump sum Relocation Compensation payment.

This policy and procedure applies to qualified new permanent employees. Payment of relocation compensation is normally limited to executive or management positions, administrative employees in supervisory positions and academic positions in accordance with OFM Moving Expense Policies (60.10), and the General Administration Agency Guide on Moves.


Green River College may make a lump sum relocation compensation payment for positions that are difficult to fill such as:

  • Executive or management positions
  • Administrative employees in supervisory positions
  • Academic positions
  • Critical position(s) that are difficult to fill

Human Resources, in conjunction with the appropriate appointing authority, is responsible for reviewing and approving the conditions under which Green River will consider lump sum relocation compensation. Conditions may also include the availability of qualified candidates and the skills and qualifications of the candidate.

Payment of relocation compensation must be within existing resources (RCW 43.03.125), and may be used in conjunction with or as a total dollar amount for all
moving costs.


  1. Prior to the relocation, the prospective employee must read the Department of Enterprise Services Employee Moving Guide and then obtain and submit a written cost estimate from a common carrier or rental agency to Human Resources for review and approval.
  2. The Executive Director of Human Resources will review the documentation and determine a reasonable relocation lump sum payment.
  3. Upon approval, the prospective employee will be provided documentation for payment and Form A33. The prospective employee must sign and return all documentation to the Office of Human Resources (HR).
  4. Payment will not be made until the prospective employee begins work with the college.
  5. Payment will be made in conjunction with the next applicable paycheck.
  6. Payment is considered taxable fringe and is subject to income tax. Payment will be reported on the prospective employee’s W2 form.

If within one year of the date of appointment the employee voluntarily terminates employment, or engages in behavior that makes termination of employment necessary, the full amount of the relocation compensation payment must be repaid to the college. This amount shall become a debt owed to Green River, and the employee will be liable for all cost of collection including reasonable attorney fees. Employment offer letters must include notification of the repayment provision.

Termination of employment as a result of: layoff, disability separation, or other good cause as determined by the Executive Director of Human Resources, or
their respective designees, will not require repayment of the relocation compensation.

Specific Authority 
Office of Financial Management 60.10; General Administration Agency Guide on Moves

Law Implemented

History of Policy or Procedure

Draft: June 9, 2010
Adopted: June 29, 2010
Revised: November 2, 2016; June 1, 2017
Reviewed by: President’s Staff
Contact: Tammy Shilipetar, HR Recruiter, ext. 2604
President’s Staff Sponsor: Marshall Sampson, Vice President of Human Resources & Legal Affairs, ext. 3315