HR-21 Suspended Operations-Employee's Leave Option

To document the procedure for Suspended Operations.

Classified non-represented (supervisors), exempt and administrative employees of Green River College. (Classified represented employees and faculty should refer to
their respective collective bargaining agreements.)

Terms relevant to this policy are defined by the Emergency Operations Center (EOC), and can be found on the Green River College Emergency Preparedness webpage.

  1. Policy and Procedure 
    The College President or designee will determine when the safety of public health, property and/or campus personnel is jeopardized. Employees will be notified when the campus is closed, or if it is advisable to suspend the operation of all or any portion of Green River. Notification to employees and the campus will be made through a variety of methods including the campus switchboard, website, and the Green River Safety Alert system (e2campus). The notification process is managed by the EOC.
  2. Classified non-represented, exempt and administrative employees scheduled and not required to work during the disruption will have no loss in pay for the first day. This includes employees dismissed from campus during their shift on the first day of disruption.
  3. The following options are available (in order of use) to affected employees who are scheduled, but not required to work, for the balance of the closure:
    1. Accrued compensatory time (for overtime eligible);
    2. Accrued vacation leave;
    3. Personal holiday;
    4. Accrued sick leave (up to a maximum of three days in any calendar year); or
    5. Leave without pay (for overtime eligible employees);
    6. Employees may also work from home or change their schedule if mutually agreed upon with their manager.
  4. Employees who work during the disruption will receive their regular pay for work performed during the period of suspended operation.

Specific Authority 
WAC 357-31-255265, 270, 275

Law Implemented

History of Policy or Procedure

Adopted: June 29, 2010
Revised: April 4, 2010, March 1, 2013; December 11, 2015; June 1, 2017
Reviewed by: President’s Staff
Contact: Marshall Sampson, Vice President of Human Resources & Legal Affairs, ext. 3315
President’s Staff Sponsor: Marshall Sampson, Vice President of Human Resources & Legal Affairs, ext. 3315