IN-2 High School Completion Course Articulation

IN-2 High School Completion Course Articulation

To ensure that students are not penalized by the differences in specific requirements imposed by individual districts/campuses within the general guidelines of the Washington State High School Diploma. To provide a pathway for acceptance of credit between Washington State high schools and Green River College and to limit the need for duplication of credits previously earned.

High School Completion Students

It is important to provide a pathway for the acceptance of credit between the Washington State high schools and the community college for high school completion credit.

Policy and/or Procedure
If a student transfers an individual course (from a Washington State high school or community and technical college) that meets a specific state high school requirement category at the sending institution, that course is considered to have met that requirement at Green River College, even if this course does not have an exact equivalent.

It is the student’s responsibility to initiate the articulation process and to gather appropriate documentation from the high school as needed.

This is in accordance with OSPI guidelines for acceptance of credit and Washington State High School Diploma requirements.

Specific Authority

Law Implemented

History of Policy or Procedure
Draft: September 19, 2004
Adopted: April 11, 2005; January 6, 2006
Revised: October 27, 2004; April 7, 2005
Reviewed by: Executive Vice President Council, Instructional Counsel—April 11, 2005, Executive Vice President—April 11, 2005
Contact: Diane Martin, Director Education Support Services, ext. 3323
Cabinet Sponsor: April Jensen, Executive Vice President, ext. 2565