IN-5 Student Complaint Process

IN-5 Student Complaints Regarding Instruction

Policy Type: Instruction
Policy Title: Student Complaints Regarding Instruction
Policy Number: IN-5


The purpose of this policy and procedures is to provide a systematic way in which to express and resolve misunderstandings, complaints or grievances about dissatisfaction with academic issues or instructional personnel, services, or processes.


This policy applies to students with complaints about classes, faculty, or academic issues.


It is the policy of Green River College to provide clear and accurate information, provide accessible services, and offer excellent educational programs and quality service. Students have both the right to receive clear information and fair application of college grading policies, standards, rules, and requirements as well as the responsibility to comply with them in their relationships with faculty and instructional staff members.

The college recognizes that disputes may sometimes arise and encourages the parties involved to resolve the conflict informally whenever possible. If resolution cannot be reached, the complaint resolution process provides an impartial and equitable way to resolve those conflicts.

Students must file an instructional complaint within two consecutive quarters after the action that gives rise to the complaint.  The appropriate dean or vice president may suspend this rule under exceptional circumstances such as extended illness, sabbatical leave, or absence of one or both parties to the complaint.  When either party of the complaint is no longer in residence with the college and does not expect to return, the appropriate dean or vice president shall give reasonable opportunity to complete procedures before making a decision.


Student responsibilities regarding the instructional complaint process are found in the Instruction Student Complaint Process on the Green River website. Faculty responsibilities are found in the Complaints section of the United Faculty Coalition Collective Bargaining Agreement. The procedure can be found here: Instructional Student Complaint Process.

Specific Authority: United Faculty Coalition Collective Bargaining Agreement

Law Implemented:

History of Policy or Procedure:

Draft: May 22, 2018
Adopted: May 22, 2019
Reviewed by: Dr. Suzanne M. Johnson, President 
Contact: Dr. Rolita Flores Ezeonu, Vice President of Instruction, ext. 2565
President’s Staff Sponsor: Dr. Rolita Flores Ezeonu, Vice President of Instruction