SA-22 Graduation Criteria

Provide information and procedures for students to apply for graduation; Degree or Certificate.

All students, staff, faculty and administrators of Green River College.

Commencement Ceremony: The annual ceremony when eligible students wear the graduation cap and gown in a ceremonial procession. Student participation is optional, and is not mandatory in order to graduate.

Degree Exception Committee: Chaired by the Director of Enrollment Services/Registrar, includes as members: the Vice President of Instruction or designee, Director of the Career and Advising Center, an Instructional Dean, a Professional/Technical Dean, faculty selected by their divisions, and a Curriculum Development representative. The committee will review and vote on student requests for exception to specific degree requirements. See Policy SA-20,
Degree Exception for additional information.

Graduation: Earning a degree or certificate in an educational program of study.

Students should submit a Degree or Certificate application to Enrollment Services when they are at least one quarter from completing their program of study for a degree or certificate. 

Students may graduate at the end of any quarter.

To allow sufficient educational planning, the following application submission timeline is provided. If students intend to complete degree or certificate, application for graduation is due no later than:

Fall  April
 Winter October 
Spring  January 
Summer  April 

To be eligible for graduation, students must have accomplished the following:

  • Completed all admissions requirements
  • Earned a minimum grade point average of 2.0
  • Complete 24 credits at Green River College (does not pertain to high school diploma or professional and technical certificate candidates).
  • Filed a Degree or Certificate Application
  • Completed all degree or certificate requirements as specified by the Green River College catalog.

Students may graduate using the degree or certificate requirements in effect during their first quarter of enrollment at Green River College for up to six (6) years. After six years, students need to meet the requirements listed in the current catalog. Students may petition the Degree Exception Committee with a 1) proof of continuous enrollment or 2) request for degree exception to be exempt from this policy. See Policy SA-20, Degree Exception for additional

One commencement ceremony is held at the end of the academic year in June. Students approved for graduation during the year are eligible to participate in the ceremony. Students who plan to complete their requirements during the following summer quarter may apply for graduation and participate in the ceremony. Participation in the commencement ceremony does not constitute graduation. Graduation occurs only after a student meets the above listed criteria.

Diplomas and certificates will be mailed to students approximately one month after the end of the quarter in which they have completed their graduation requirements.

Graduation applications (Degree or Certificate) are located at Enrollment Services and on the college website. 
Students need to submit applications to the Cashiers Office for further routing to Enrollment Services as follows:

  • A separate application form must be submitted for each degree or certificate.
  • Submit $20.00 non-refundable application fee for each degree or certificate.
  • Include a separate degree audit for each degree or certificate. Degree audits are located on the college website.

Applicants are notified in writing within two weeks of submission as to their degree or certificate completion status.

Upon completion of educational program, degrees or certificates are posted to student transcripts and the diplomas or certificates are mailed within approximately one month

Specific Authority

Green River College Board of Trustees
Green River College President’s Staff
Green River College Instructional Council
Green River College Degree Exception Committee

Law Implemented

History of Policy or Procedure
Draft: October 10, 2006
Adopted: June 29, 2007
Revised: August 22, 2012; February 8, 2016
Reviewed by:
Contact: Denise Bennatts, Director of Enrollment Services/Registrar, ext. 2510
President’s Staff Sponsor: Dr. Deborah Casey, Vice President of Student Affairs, ext. 3328