SA-4 Admissions

Policy Type: Student Affairs

Policy Title: Admissions

Policy Number: SA-04


Provide admission requirements and admissions application procedures for new and returning students.


All new and returning Green River students.

  • Selective Admissions Programs: Program(s) of study with admissions limited to individuals based on consideration of program requirements, program capacity, and the qualifications of program applicants.
  • High School Completion (HSC): Program for eligible students to pursue credits for a high school diploma. Students, age 18 and under, are required to submit a High School Release Authorization Form if their class has not graduated. Forms are available from the high school area/district in which the student currently resides.
  • International Student: Non-US Citizen in the United States for the sole purpose of attending school.
  • New Student: A student who has never earned credits at Green River.
  • Placement: Appropriate course placement is determined through a variety of methods identified and approved by the departments and divisions holding the content expertise. Placement methods may include assessments or tests or completion of previous coursework.
  • Returning Student: A previous Green River student, who has earned credits at Green River, but has not attended Green River for at least one quarter.
  • Running Start: A program created by the Washington State Legislature which provides an opportunity for academically-qualified high school juniors and seniors to take college courses as part of their high school curriculum.
  • High School Student Enrollment Programs: Running Start, Open Doors, College in the High School, International Programs, High School Completion, or other local student enrollment options program.

General College Admissions:

Green River College does not consider race, creed, color, national origin, citizenship, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, religion, disability, genetic information, or any other protected category when making admissions determinations.

Green River College will admit individuals so long as such applicants:

  • Are competent to benefit from the course offerings of the college; and
  • Follows the established admissions procedures; and
  • Would not, by their presence or conduct, create a disruptive atmosphere within the college inconsistent with the purposes of the institution; and
    • Is eighteen (18) years of age or older; or
    • Is a high school graduate, holds a GED, or other equivalent high school credential; or
    • Has applied for admission under the provisions of a High School Student Enrollment Program. Admissions to such programs may require a release from the student’s K12 district; and
    • They follow the established admissions procedures.

If Green River College or the Department of Education has reason to believe that a student’s high school diploma is not valid or was not obtained from an entity that provides secondary school education, the student must provide to GRC (1) documentation from the secondary school that confirms the validity of the student’s diploma, and (2) confirmation with or documentation from the relevant department or agency in the state in which the secondary school is location that the secondary school is recognized as a provider of secondary school education.

Note: Admission to the college does not guarantee admission to any specific program, course, or class. Generally, admitted Green River College students may enroll in instructional programs offered by any location operated by the College, as long as the student meets the requirements for enrollment.

Selective Admissions Programs:

Certain programs of study, e.g., Bachelor of Applied Science, Bachelor of Science, and health sciences programs, have additional admission requirements and are considered “selective admissions” programs. Students must meet the application deadlines and entrance requirements as defined by each selective admissions program.

Academic and other programs may require additional criteria for admission based on the following:

  • Demand exceeds supply of space in the program.
  • Program accreditation requires additional criteria for admission or graduation.
  • The program requires students to complete prerequisites prior to program admission.

International Programs:

The International Education program requires its applicants to meet federal, division, and specific program entrance requirements.

Qualified international students are admitted to Green River College each of the four academic quarters. International student applicants must meet the student visa requirements as defined by the Department of Homeland Security.

New international students who use Green River's I-20 to enter the U.S. must:

  • Report in person to Green River's orientation for new international students
  • Enroll for and attend the first term at Green River College
  • Carry health insurance while enrolled at Green River College

*International students transferring from other U.S. schools must present their most recent I-20 instead of a Green River I-20.

Underage Admissions:

The college does not desire to replace or duplicate the functions of the local public schools, however underage students may be considered for admission on an individual basis, when space is available.

Underage applicants include those who are:

  • Under the age of 18, and
    • Have not graduated from high school (or equivalent), or
    • Are not enrolled in a High School Student Enrollment Program

The college may admit other applicants under the age of 18 who meet one of the following conditions:

  • Must be at least 16 years of age, or have completed their sophomore (10th grade) year in high school; or
  • Must have started their freshman (9th grade) year in high school and can demonstrate exceptional or extenuating circumstances that warrants early admission to the college.

A decision is made by the Registrar in collaboration with a Dean in Student Affairs or the Director of Advising (or designee) on a case-by-case basis. Criteria for granting an exception are:

  • The individual is competent at an appropriate academic level and/or artistic or technical level to be successful.
  • The individual has the ability and maturity to participate in an adult learning environment.
  • In some cases, the student may be required to meet with the course instructor to determine if admission is appropriate.

Green River College:

  • Is an institution of higher learning and, as such, is an adult environment.
  • Makes no special allowances or accommodations to students because of age.
  • Does not grant parental access to a student’s educational records without written consent from the student.
  • Holds all students accountable to the same high academic and disciplinary standards.
  • Reserves the right to request additional information and/or deny any underage enrollment.


Students who have not enrolled in courses with Green River College at any time in the last four (4) terms must re-apply for admissions to ensure accuracy of student information (to include contact information, residency status, and intended program of study).

Re-Admissions for Service Members or Reservists

Per DoD MOU, paragraph 3.i.(1), Green River College allows service members and reservists to be readmitted to a program if they are temporarily unable to attend class or have to suspend their studies due to services requirements.


General College Admissions:

  • Create an Online Admissions Application Portal account (paper version of the admission application are available through the Office of the Registrar.)
    • Students with a previous Online Admissions Application Portal account can log in using existing credentials and fill out the application for Green River College, specifically.
  • Apply to the College by selecting the appropriate information from available drop-down lists and entering personal information.
  • Review entered information and submit application.
    • A confirmation email is sent to applicants after submission which includes their application ID number.

Selective Admissions Programs

To be considered for programs with selective admissions, students must:

  • Be admitted to the College under the General College Admissions procedure.
  • Refer to specific program requirements in the course catalog or on each program’s website.
  • Contact the department directly for an application packet.
  • Submit all required paperwork by the program deadlines.
  • Complete all required prerequisites.

International Education Admissions

Underage Admissions, for those not enrolling in Running Start:

  • Apply online to Green River College
  • Review and complete the Underage Admission Permission Form and obtain all the required signatures. The form must be completed and submitted to the Office of the Registrar prior to each quarter the student wishes to attend.
  • Provide an official transcript from the student’s high school.
  • A high school counselor must complete part II of the Underage Admission Permission Form if the student is earning a diploma at their high school.
  • In some cases, the student may be required to meet with the course instructor to determine if participation in the course is appropriate.


Students who have not enrolled in courses with Green River College at any time in the last four (4) terms must re-apply for admissions at

Re-Admissions for Service Members or Reservists

If a service member or reservist must leave their academic studies due to active military service, the service member or reservist should, if possible, contact their instructor(s) to request a withdrawal, grade or an incomplete.  If it is past the 100% refund deadline, the student may submit a Withdrawal/Refund Exception Request with supporting documentation.

When returning to the College, the service member or reservist will need to supply the Office of the Registrar with a copy of the DD214 or orders.  At this point, the service member or reservist should work with an academic advisor to help in attaining their program requirements.

Specific Authority:

Titles VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act, 1964
Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972
RCW 28B.50.090
High School Completion program – Office of the State Superintendent of Public Instruction
Information Collection – Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act, 1974
Running Start – RCW 28A.600.300 through 28A.600.380, RCW 28A.150.260

SBCTC Policy Manual, 3.20.10(C)

Law Implemented:

RCW 28B.50.090

WAC 131-12-010

History of Policy or Procedure

Draft: January 13, 2005
Adopted: January 6, 2006
Revised: February 21, 2013; August 14, 2018; March 17, 2023; October 26, 2023
Reviewed by: Dr. Suzanne Johnson
Contact: Jenny Wheeler, Director of Office of the Registrar/Registrar, (253) 288-3411
President’s Staff Sponsor: David Larsen, Dean of Enrollment and Completion, ext. 3307