SA-5 Deceased Student

Provide information and guidelines for responding to reports of a deceased student.

All staff, faculty and administrators.

Deceased Student: Notification of a deceased current or former Green River student

Upon notification of a deceased student, Green River College will initiate appropriate actions to lessen the emotional impact of the situation. Primary areas include, but are not limited to: Office of the Registrar, College Relations Office, Counseling Office, and the Vice President for Student Affairs or designee.

In order to prevent confusion, undue stress and to maintain academic integrity, it is important to verify a report of a deceased student in a caring and tactful manner.

Within 24-hours of notification and verification of a deceased student, the following actions will be taken:

Office of the Registrar:

  1. Notify Public Information Office.
  2. Notify Counseling Office and forward a copy of current class schedule.
  3. Modify transcript record to indicate deceased student.
  4. Modify registration database to prevent future automatic informational mailings.
  5. If applicable, process 100% refund of current quarter course(s), payable to the estate of the deceased student. Note: Coordinate with Financial Aid and Cashiers Office.
  6. Send an all-campus notification as to the death of the student.

Public Information Office:

  1. Respond to all media inquiries related to student’s death.

Counseling Services:

  1. Contact the deceased student’s instructors and offer to visit each class on the deceased student’s registration schedule. Note: Faculty may choose to tell classmates themselves.
  2. Counselor arranges a time and location for campus community to be able to meet and talk about the loss.
  3. Send an all-campus notification to the above time and location, as well as any future associated gatherings.

Vice President of Student Affairs or designee:

  1. Serves as contact person, along with Counselor, for further memorial options as appropriate.

Specific Authority
Green River College Board of Trustees

Law Implemented

History of Policy or Procedure
Draft: April 5, 2005
Adopted: June 29, 2007
Revised: February 22, 2013
Reviewed by:
Contact: Jenny Wheeler, director of the office of the registrar, ext 3411
President’s Staff Sponsor: David Larsen, Dean of Enrollment and Completion, 253-833-9111, ext. 3307,