SA-7 Grades: Definitions

Provide grading system definitions.

All students, staff, faculty and administrators of Green River.

Grade: A decimal grade earned by a student, based on course work accomplished.

GPA: Grade point average.

Official Withdrawal: A student completes the appropriate withdraw/drop paperwork and submits the paperwork to Enrollment Services by the deadlines published in the quarterly Class Schedule.

Unofficial Withdrawal: A grade of 0.0 may be assigned by the instructor if the student ceases attendance of a class and does not officially withdraw from the class.

Under Green River’s numerical grading system, instructors may report grades from 4.0 to 1.0 in 0.1increments and the grade of 0.0 or report additional “letter” grade designations and grading symbols. Only the instructor may change an assigned grade. See policy SA-06, Grades: Changing.

Instructors will report grades to Enrollment Services for entry to students’ permanent academic transcript.

The following grades and symbols apply:

A-  3.6 
B+  3.3 
B-  2.7 
C+  2.3 
C-  1.7 
D+  1.3 
F 0

Academic Honors

Associate Degree Honor StatusBachelor Degree Honor Status
Highest Honors  3.9+  Summa Cum Laude  3.9+ 
High Honors  3.7 – 3.89  Magna Cum Laude  3.7 – 3.89 
Honors  3.5 – 3.69  Cum Laude  3.5 – 3.69 

Additional Grade Designations

I = Incomplete
An instructor may record a student’s work as incomplete when the student has been delayed in completing the required work for a good reason. Work may be completed according to an agreement between the instructor and student. The Incomplete Agreement will reside with the instructor of record. The Incomplete is not posted to “hours attempted” until the Incomplete is made up. “I” does not affect GPA. Student has four quarters (or less, if instructor indicates) to finish the incomplete. After four quarters, if the “I” grade still appears on the transcript, it will be automatically changed to a 0.0 by Enrollment Services.

*Changes from previous policy: Incomplete Agreements remain with the instructor. After four quarters, any remaining “I” grades will be converted to 0.0. See policy SA-25, Grades: Incomplete Agreement.

N = Audit
Indicates the student enrolled for information only (no credit given) and attended class regularly. “N” does not affect GPA. “N” is considered a grade and is affected by the repeat grade policy on the student’s transcript.

NC = No Credit
Indicates the student petitioned the Registrar for a P/NC grade (prior to the end of the eighth week of the quarter) and earned a decimal grade lower than 1.5.

P = Pass
Indicates the student petitioned the Registrar for a P/NC grade (prior to the end of the eighth week of the quarter) and earned a decimal grade equal to or greater than 1.5. OR the class is graded on a pass/no credit basis.

S = Satisfactory
Indicates student is making satisfactory progress but has not completed all the competencies for a given level of instruction. No credit is awarded. The “S” grade may be used only for Basic and ESL classes numbered under 100. Courses with “S” grade designators cannot be applied toward any degree or certificate program. Courses with “S” grade indicate “work in progress” and do not denote course completion.

W = Official Withdrawal
Indicates the student initiated an official withdraw from class. “W” does not affect GPA.

V = Unofficial Withdrawal
Indicates the student stopped attending class without initiating official withdrawal. “V” does not affect GPA. (Used prior to Summer 1998.)

Z = Non-Credit
Indicates the student did not successfully complete the class with a 0.7 or higher. “Z” does not affect GPA. (Used prior to Summer 1998.)

Grading Symbols may also be used on grade reports or transcripts:

* = Missing Grade
No grade assignment given. Student must contact instructor.

R = Repeat
The symbol “R” after a grade indicates the student later repeated the class. The grade/credit from this class does not affect GPA.

Y = Work in Progress
The class is in progress at grading time. Students must contact the instructor regarding questions about the grade received.

Specific Authority
President’s Staff, Green River College Board of Trustees

Law Implemented

History of Policy or Procedure
Draft: March 1, 2005
Adopted: June 29, 2007
Revised: February 22, 2013
Reviewed by:
Contact: Denise Bennatts, Director of Enrollment Services/Registrar, ext. 2510
President’s Staff Sponsor: Dr. Deborah Casey, Vice President of Student Affairs, ext. 3328