BAS Testimonials

Hamza Mahmood - BAS IT Cyber Security & Network Admin

Hamza Mahmood

BAS in Information Technology: Cybersecurity and Networking

Graduates December 2022

"Upon completing my AA Degree in IT Cyber Security & Network Admin, I heard about the BAS Program offered by Green River College. The fact that I was so used to GRC’s focused classrooms and the excellent international support by the staff, I decided to continue my education with their BAS Program. The benefits are lower tuition and other costs, good on-campus job opportunities, and an amazing GRC family. The higher-level classes are interesting and give me the opportunity to have hands-on work experience working with servers, and network protocols. These 300 and 400 level classes help me understand more about my major as the lessons are more focused and explained in detail. Currently, I’m working for the IT Student Helpdesk at GRC and my love for customer support has inspired me to try to get a starting job in Tech Support after I graduate."  


Soniya Moon, BAS Software Development

Soniya Moon

BAS in Software Development

Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority
South Korea

"I attended GRC not only for my AA degree prior to transferring to University of Washington (UW), but also for my BAS in Software Dev degree. The hybrid program at GRC allowed me to complete my double bachelor's degree in a cost-effective and time-efficient way, while I was also finishing up my Bachelors in Business degree at UW.
I recently stepped out of the corporate technology sectors and transitioned to a public-serving sector, now working as a Business Analyst at Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority. The hybrid program at GRC helped me stay versatile and diverse in my career choices, without necessarily sacrificing time and money, as traditional 4-year universities would require."  


Toyhan Sevim BAS Software Development

Toygan Sevim

BAS in Software Development

Walt Disney Company
University of Washington

"I heard of Green River’s bachelor’s degree program in software development while I was pursuing my associate degree in IT at the college. I really enjoyed the small intimate classroom structure within the program. After a few programming classes I realized how much I liked writing applications and being able to manipulate web pages. Towards the end of my sophomore year I decided to pursue software development rather than networking because I found it systematic and gratifying"  - Read More


Naomi van Roon - BAS Forest Resource Management

Naomi van Roon

BAS in Forestry Resource Management

Graduates June 2022
The Netherlands

"After I finished my associate degree at Green River College, I really wanted to continue with my Bachelor's. I love my teachers at Green River, I love my classmates, my on-campus jobs, and the assistance from International Programs. Some benefits I have experienced from this degree include: the lower tuition costs, the small class sizes up to 15 students, a hands-on applied learning experience even in 300 and 400 level classes, and preference, when I apply for jobs because of the brand name my program, has created throughout the years. I truly couldn’t feel more prepared to start working after I graduate."  - Read More.


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