FFS Testimonials

Foundation for Success Mentor from Vietnam

Delaney Le

Major: Pre-Nursing

"FFS gives me the opportunity to strengthen my soft skills including communication, teamwork, and leadership. While giving back to the community by helping new students, I also learn new things and improve myself. What makes FFS successful is how it connects with students through peer mentors, not formal instructors. Because every Peer Mentor was once a new student, we can share experiences and advice that are relevant to what they are and will be going through; we also empathize with them better than anyone else."

Arkar Htike, Mentor, Myanmar

Arkar Htike

Major: Mechanical Engineering

"Mentoring is a very good way for students to learn new things. FFS is less formal than any of the other classes and I think that is what makes FFS valuable and successful. Unlike a teacher-student relationship, the mentor-mentee relationship enables new international students to be more comfortable to ask questions and use the resources."

Nike Larasati, Mentor, Indonesia

Nike Larasati

Major: Accounting

"Peer mentors are really helpful to new international students because they have first-hand experience of what they are going through. As international student mentors, we have the ability to relate to new student concerns and give them the best advice on how to succeed in an American college. Mentors and mentees can help each other grow to become better people by sharing experiences and learning from each other. "

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