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IEO - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Intensive English Online and the Intensive English Program.

  1. What is the IEO? The Intensive English Online (IEO) program is for first-quarter international students who want to improve their English online before they come to Green River College. Students will study in small groups and will receive personal attention. Students can enroll at different times during the quarter (see more below). 
  2. How is the IEO different from the IEP? During COVID-19, IEO and IEP classes will be offered online. The table below explains how the IEO and IEP differ:

    Start date  Can start later in the quarter – week 2 through week 10  Must start at the beginning of the quarter – no late start 

    Diagnostic test when student starts class to determine gaps and learning is targeted specifically to fill in the gaps

    Placement test at the end of the quarter to determine level for the next quarter

    If student is motivated and works really hard, it is possible to make faster progress.


    Diagnostic tests to confirm the placement and to make student aware of learning gaps

    If student passes the level, s/he will move to the next level the next quarter

    16-years old requirement  Can start mid-quarter just after turning 16  Must be 16 at the start of the quarter 
  3. When can students start their IEO classes? Students can start at any of the start dates listed below. Please note that when students start on particular dates, they have to continue until the end of the quarter.

    Spring 2021

    Start DatesTuition
    03/31/21  $3,651 
    04/07/21  $3,319 
    04/14/21  $2,987 
    04/21/21  $2,655 
    04/30/21  $2,323 
    05/07/21  $1,991 
    05/14/21  $1,659 
    05/28/21  $1,327
    06/04/21  $995 


     Summer 2021

    Start DatesTuition
    06/28/21  $3,651 
    07/06/21  $3,194 
    07/12/21  $2,737 
    07/19/21  $2,280 
    07/26/21  $1,823
    08/02/21  $1,366 
    08/09/21 $909
  4. Can students come for just a few weeks in the middle of the quarter and then leave before the quarter ends? No. For example, if students sign up to start on the 3rd date, they must continue to study until the end of the quarter. 
  5. What if a student starts in the first week? Students who start in the first week will be regarded as regular IEP students, they will pay regular tuition ($3,651), and the regular agent commission applies. They are not IEO students.
  6. Can students take the IEO after their first quarter? No. This program is only for first-quarter students during COVID.
  7. Can students take the IEO two quarters in a row? No, they can only take this class in their first quarter.
  8. When is tuition due? Tuition is due on the first day of their start date.
  9. Are there any additional student fees? No. We charge a flat student rate.
  10. Are there other special things to consider?  Yes
      • Students, must be 16 years old when they start the program
      • They must submit an application:

        • Show intent to come to the USA and study for academic purposes
        • Provide financial statements
        • State that they will go back to their home country upon completion of their studies
        • Provide a copy of their passport
        • Pay the $50 application fee


  11. Will this program be offered again in fall 2021? No, starting fall 2021, students will be able to take Fast Track English where there will be two intakes per quarter (week 1 and 6) during regular quarters (fall, winter, spring). There will be only one intake in the summer quarters because they are shorter.  

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