International Student Success

International Student Success Class

International Student Success (IP 1) helps you establish a strong learning foundation and enables you to transfer well. IP 1 prepares all new international students for personal and academic success at Green River and beyond. It provides students with essential information and practical skills that will help make their transition to Green River College and the US as seamless as possible.

The IP 1 class targets areas where students are known to struggle during their first quarters. Students in this course have many opportunities to develop and perfect their skills working alongside their Peer Mentors.

  • Required for all new academic level international students - All first quarter academic students are enrolled in this one-quarter course. Students will attend weekly meetings with instructors and Peer Mentors.
  • Regular Meetings with Mentors – In addition to your in-class meetings, mentors and students will meet for an additional hour during each week to go over issues important to the student, develop relationships, and find further connection to the campus, community and friends.

Course topics include:

  • Introduction to the US education system
  • Classroom expectations & Study skills
  • Personal Health/Safety
  • Green River College resources
  • Getting Involved (clubs, jobs, volunteering)
  • Critical Thinking
  • Academic Honesty
  • Major/Career Selection
  • Developing Educational and Transfer plans

At the end of the quarter, the students will have:

  • A set of new skills that will help them perform successfully in and out of class
  • An indispensable list of college resources and knowledge of how to benefit the most from each
  • Very practical information and tips on how to achieve personal and academic success at Green River College

Peer Mentors are experienced students who listen to concerns you might have and speak with you from their own experience. Having someone to trust helps ease the uncertainties of your new life here at Green River. Your Peer Mentor will be available by text and email in addition to meeting with you twice weekly. You will be assigned your own Peer Mentor the first week of class. Peer Mentors look forward to helping you!


"I like that everyone in the class was encouraged to speak up at one point and I found that being broken up into different groups every week helped me meet and interact with new people."

"I learned about student diversity in this school as well as the abundance of GRC resources available to support students."

Point of contact for questions: Andrew Turgeon


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Upcoming Dates

The application deadline for students transferring from within the U.S. is 8 a.m. on Arrival Day.

Spring Term
Classes Begin:
1 April 2024
Classes End:
17 June 2024
Summer Term
Preferred Application Deadline:
1 May 2024
Orientation Student (virtual)
12 & 13 June 2024
Orientation Parent (virtual)
14 June 2024 
Arrival & Housing Move-in Day
26 June 2024
In-Person Orientation Day
27 June 2024 
In-Person Parent Orientation
27 June 2024
Classes Start:
1 July 2024
Classes End:
22 August 2024


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