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Conditions for Admission

  1. Designated Pathway (DP)
    The university has designated conditions by which make acceptance highly competitive.
  2. 90 transferable credits
  3. E101, E126/7/8 and Math 106+ all 2.0
  4. Minimum Green River Grade Point Average (GPA) is 3.5

It is important you plan ahead and thoroughly review the UCI admissions requirements and other resources available on our admissions website. To get started, here are some guidelines that will help you navigate the admissions process for our campus and the UC application:

UCI offers over 80 majors and more than 70 minors for you to choose from. Check out a full list of our undergraduate programs to see which major(s) is right for you.

Major Selection
Students applying to one of the highly selective majors below as their first-choice are encouraged to also indicate an alternate major on the UC application.

  • Business Administration
  • Business Information Management
  • Nursing
  • All majors in the School of Information and Computer Sciences (ICS)
  • All majors in Engineering

All majors at UCI are highly selective and applicants are encouraged to earn the highest possible GPA.


1. Students enrolled in the High School Completion program
Green River College students enrolled in the High School Completion program who will be earning BOTH a high school diploma and an Associate degree in the spring term prior to the desired fall term admission, you must apply as a freshman applicant. To be considered for admission to UCI, you must meet the International freshman admission requirements which include:

  • Subject requirements and additional requirements specific to your secondary school curriculum or country 
  • Exam requirements
  • English proficiency requirements

You can apply and be admitted as a freshman, and upon enrolling immediately have junior status, depending on your coursework and the number of units earned. Limit on transfer credits: You will be granted up to 105 quarter units of credit transfer for lower-division coursework completed.

IMPORTANT: You may apply as a transfer applicant IF you continue to enroll in a regular session (fall, winter or spring) at Green River College AFTER receiving a high school diploma from the High School Completion program.

2. Students NOT enrolled in the High School Completion program
If you are not enrolled in the High School Completion Program, you must apply as a transfer applicant. An Associate degree or a high school diploma is not required for transfer admission.
To be considered for admission to UCI as a transfer, you must meet the following requirements:

If you have any questions about UCI admissions or our campus in general, please contact our International Admissions Counselor, Pimjai Santatiwat, at

NOTE: This designated pathway pertains to general UC Irvine admission, but not necessarily to all majors at the university. Some colleges or schools have higher admission requirements.

  • Transferable credits - These refer to college-level courses that generally transfer to universities. Most but not all academic classes numbered 100 or higher transfer. Read 104 and Engl 100 are two commonly-taken Green River courses numbered 100 or higher that do not transfer. Classes numbered lower than 100 are considered developmental courses and do not transfer. Most college students can earn 90 transferable quarters in two years, although they may need a summer quarter to do so.
  • For further explanation see Glossary of Conditions.


Have questions about the University Transfer Pathway program?

View FAQ

Claybert Pusung

Transferred to: Embry-Riddle, Prescott

photo of student Claybert Pusung

“When I heard about Green River's Transfer Pathway agreement with Embry-Riddle, a top Aeronautical University, I applied.”

Major: Aviation
Country: Indonesia

Roger Luo

Transferred to: UCLA

photo of student Roger Luo

“I chose Green River because the staff were really helpful and because of the University Transfer Pathway Program. The college has pathway relationships with many universities. My mom was happy to see that Green River has a Pathway with UC Irvine.”

Major: Computer Science
Country: China

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Upcoming Dates

The application deadline for students transferring from within the U.S. is 8 a.m. on the first day of in-person orientation.

Winter Term
Classes Start:
3 January 2023
Classes End:
23 March 2023
Spring Term
Preferred Application Deadline:
1 February 2023
Orientation Student (virtual)
15 & 16 March 2023
Orientation Parent (virtual)
17 March 2023 
Arrival & Housing Move-in Day
29 March 2023
In-Person Orientation Day
30 March 2023 
Classes Start:
3 April 2023
Classes End:
16 June 2023


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