About Us

Our Services

We are proud to offer one-stop, comprehensive, personal service in the following areas:

Recruitment: Our marketing staff travels throughout the year to attend student fairs, and visit advising centers and educational agencies. We look forward to meeting you in person during our next visit to your part of the world.

Admission: Simple, fast, and convenient.

Housing: Homestay and Campus Corner Apartments (new on-campus student housing) are available. Airport pickup is provided when you apply for Green River housing.

Orientation: One-week, comprehensive orientation includes: assessment, advising, registration, campus tour, and an overnight camp/retreat and a trip to Seattle.

Advising: Our large advising team provides personal help with registration, cultural adjustment, academic, and transfer advising.

Activities: Leaders organize many activities on and off campus.

  • On campus: clubs, sports, theater, student government, free concerts and more  
  • Off-campus: hiking, skiing snow boarding, camping, rafting and sightseeing to Canada, California, New York, Hawaii and more.

Payment/Insurance: Students can prepay their tuition, housing and fees by money order, credit card or wire transfer. Insurance is required for all international students and is included in their registration unless proof of sufficient personal insurance is provided.