Housing for 16-year-olds

Host Family Program for 16-Year-Olds

Because Green River College (GRC) is committed to the academic and personal success of all our students, we have developed a special host family program for 16-year-old students.

16 year old student plays Uno with daughter of host family

Green River's 16-year-old program ensures that young students are well-supported and secure while making the transition to college life. Host families for 16-year-old students engage in special training so they are ready to provide extra support to their students. This extra support includes:

  • Providing transportation to and from all campus/class activities
  • Attending mandatory school/social functions with the student
  • Assisting with medical appointments and emergencies
  • Engaging students in conversation on a regular basis to monitor students’ well-being
  • Sharing weekly reports with the GRC housing staff about the students' health and happiness

Another significant benefit of this program is parents of 16-year-old students will receive monthly email updates from GRC Housing staff regarding how their son or daughter is doing.

Parent Testimonials

“Thank you for your letter! We are very happy to hear the news of han fei. We are relieved to know that she is very good. We really hope to learn more about her life! Thanks to the green river school and host families and our help!"

- Parent of Hanfei Ren

“I am very happy for the success of my son and this credit goes to all of you. Thank you very much to all who work at Green River and special thank you to host family for their care of Konstantin!”

- Parent of Konstantin Ugay

"I have seen the clips for Dan’s Birthday celebration, It’s so great to me. I would like to say thank you for your arrangement making her happy such as she were home. Your family, now become a second home for her during the stay. I also want to thank to all of you, Dan’s friends, your daughter who with your full of sympathy in courage her to keep on the plan of studying in US. Hope the time is vivid in her mind forever.
God bless you all.”

- Parent of Dan Tran Linh Nguyen

"Thank you very much for your email. I am happy that Anh gets along well with her host family and enjoy her study at GRC. Highly appreciate your monthly report as well."

- Parent of Anh Vo Minh Truong

"We are happy and very appreciated for your kind supports. My son is very happy studying at Green River College. He introduced about Green River College Programs to his class mates in Jakarta. He persuaded his friends to join studying at Green River College." 

- Parent of Aldho Zikorovan Patmawidjaja


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The application deadline for students transferring from within the U.S. is 8 a.m. on the first day of in-person orientation.

Spring Term
Classes Start:
3 April 2023
Classes End:
16 June 2023
Summer Term
Preferred Application Deadline:
1 May 2023
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7 & 8 June 2023
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9 June 2023 
Arrival & Housing Move-in Day
28 June 2023
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29 June 2023 
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29 & 30 June 2023
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3 July 2023
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24 August 2023


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