Own Housing

Own Housing

The third option for housing is finding your own housing in the area. You may already know someone or have family close by. Please keep in mind if you choose this option, the housing office is not responsible for any issues that may come up.

Own Housing -Things you need to know

How to Find Housing

There are many search tools for housing.  Some sites cater to large apartment complexes or property management companies.  Others cater to private individuals or small landlords.  Some listings may appear on multiple sites while others may only use one or two. 

Traditional Rentals  Most of the listings you find here are from property management companies or professionally managed apartments.  Almost all of these apartments and houses will be un-furnished and do not include utility charges.

Furnished Finder provides listings for furnished rooms, often also including all utilities.  Most offer shorter stay options and do not require long lease commitments.  This makes them great for students.  Travel nurse housing/furnished rentals in Auburn Washington (furnishedfinder.com)

RoomSurf is specifically for students seeking college roommates.  It is sorted by school and there is a Green River entry.  It is not very active, but still has potential as a peer-to-peer resource.  https://www.roomsurf.com/greenriver-roommates


This is a good option if you are 18 years or older.

At 18+ you are old enough to sign a lease.

It is important to remember that Green River College International Programs is not an agent or property manager. We do not place students into local apartments, homes, or condominiums outside of our housing program. We cannot act on your behalf. We are happy to provide resources and answer questions, but students need to contact local landlords directly.  Attached please find some information you should consider if you are finding your own housing.  Understanding Off-Campus Housing 


Important Information for 16 & 17 year olds.

International Students who are 16 or 17 years old, and wish to request an exception from the live-in requirement must complete the Student Housing Exception Request form and have it signed by his or her parent/guardian. 

Green River College (GRC) is committed to the academic and personal success of all our students. Living in a vetted and approved host family affords young students the opportunity to be well-supported and secure while making the transition into college life. Students will learn about new cultures, the local area, and improve their English abilities while staying with a family dedicated to their successful introduction to college. All our host families have had background checks and in-home visits. They also receive regular updates on the academic calendar and important details for new students.

Students who wish to request an exception from the live-in requirement must complete the Student Housing Exception Request form and have it signed by his or her parent/guardian. Sixteen-year-old students are required to live in a vetted and approved host family for a period of one term at a time until they turn 17 years of age. If a student turns 17 years old during the quarter, they must stay until the end of that quarter. Students who are 17 years old are still considered to be underage and must follow the same steps as 16-year-old students. Exceptions are approved at the full and complete discretion of the Director of Housing.

Please note that I-20s will not be issued to 16 and 17-year-old students who don’t pay the $300 or who are not approved by the Director of Housing to live outside Green River College housing.

We need the following documents from the parents in order for the Director of Housing to make a decision:

Please complete, sign, and send Housing Exception forms by email to: housing@greenriver.edu.


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