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About Follow-On Projects

The SUSI on Women’s Leadership will provide a rigorous curriculum that focuses on Leadership for Service & Social Change and Women’s Empowerment.

SUSI participants show off Follow on project

To ensure that participants apply what they learn during the institute and give back to society, participants are encouraged to develop social service follow-on projects for implementation upon their return to their home countries. Participants will receive a small grant to use as seed money to implement a follow-on project. They can develop group or individual projects on topics of their choice. They will submit a project plan during the institute for comment and feedback.

In addition to the small grant, alumni may also apply for an $800 micro-grant. This application will be due in the fall after you return home. More details about how to apply will be provided during and after the program.

Project Impacts

Below is a map of the number of projects that have taken place in different regions.

Select from the table to learn more about a specific project.

Map of SUSI projects and their impact.
Country City Student Name(s) SUSI Year Category Impact Activity Description
Kazakhstan Oskemen Aigerim 2014 Human Services 200

Free second-hand shop.

Kazakhstan Oskemen Albina 2017 Human Services 14

Baking MasterClass for women's shelter.

Kazakhstan Astana Mariyam 2014 Service Leadership 60

Co-founded an NGO "Jas Volunteers"

Kazakhstan Atyrau Karina 2017 Public Health 50

Fundraising Concert

Kazakhstan Astana Aiym 2017 Career Support 15

Workforce re-entry for ex-prisoners

Kazakhstan Astana Saida 2017 Education 108

Teaching English to children in an orphanage

Kazakhstan Ust – Kamenogorsk Yulia 2016 Youth Leadership 27

Youth leadership class activities

Kyrgyzstan Bishkek Aiperi 2016 Career Support 25

University workshops on career alignment and scholarships

Kyrgyzstan Balykchy City Aitegin 2015 Youth Leadership 46

Mini SUSI program (co-ed)

Kyrgyzstan Naryn Gulnaz 2015 Human Rights 140

High school human rights trainings

Kyrgyzstan Osh City Kanykey 2015 Global Awareness 130

American culture seminars for community members

Kyrgyzstan Balykchy Nagima 2016 Youth Leadership 125

Train-the-trainer social action projects

Kyrgyzstan Batken Sabira 2016 Youth Leadership 40

1-Week youth empowerment workshop

Kyrgyzstan Issyk-Kol Zhyldyz 2017 Youth Leadership 13

4-Day debate training

Kyrgyzstan Tokmok, Chuy Aisuluu 2018 Human Rights 104

"What were you wearing?" Exhibition re: sexual assault

Kyrgyzstan Osh city, Dzhalal-Abad city, Aidarken town, Kadamzhai town, Kok-Tal village, Uch-Korgon village Venera K. 2018 Digital Literacy 5025

Digital Literacy lessons for students

Tajikistan Bokhtar City Nilufar 2018 Human Services 11

Established a girls empowerment club

Tajikistan Khorog Guljahon 2014 Public Health 84

Clean drinking water for 21 households

Tajikistan Khujand Latofat & Sitora 2016 Gender Equity 15

3-Day women's leadership workshop

Tajikistan Dushanbe Nasiba 2016 Women's Empowerment 25

3-Day women's leadership seminar

Tajikistan Dushanbe Nigina, Takhmina & Zarrina 2016 Women's Empowerment 10

2-Day women's empowerment workshop

Tajikistan Dushanbe Roxy & Shabnam 2014, 2015 Women's Empowerment 10

1-Week women's professional development workshop

Tajikistan Vahdat Zuhra 2017 Youth Leadership 60

Ongoing "Anatomy of Peace" trainings for community members

Tajikistan Dushanbe Fotima 2018 Education 26

USA study abroad presentation

Turkmenistan Turkmenbashy Leyla 2016 Service Leadership 40

Cultural and sports competitions for youth

Uzbekistan Tashkent Munisa 2015 Human Services 35

1-Day training for students with disabilities

Uzbekistan Tashkent Aziza 2017 Service Leadership 65

2-Day workshop and fundraising to purchase medical supplies

Uzbekistan Tashkent Nozima 2017 Gender Equity 35

2-Day workshop re: women's empowerment (co-ed)

Uzbekistan Tashkent Nargiza 2017 Service Leadership 62

Volunteer at hospital for children with Cerebral Palsy

Uzbekistan Tashkent Feruza 2017 Education 45

Teaching academic subjects in orphanages

Uzbekistan Tashkent Nigina N. 2016 Education 14

Teaching and emotional support for teenagers in an orphanage

Uzbekistan Tashkent Gavhar 2018 Human Services 47

Clothes and backpacks for special needs/low-income students

Kazakhstan Astana Makhabbat 2018 Public Health 112

Sexual and Reproductive Health Education

Kyrgyzstan Bishkek Uulzhan 2017 Education 200

Mentorship for rural students entering university

Kazakhstan Kokshetau Aidana 2019 Education 7

English language speaking club

Kyrgyzstan Alai Region Diana 2019 Education 45

Post-secondry education access training.

Uzbekistan Tashkent Shokhinakhon 2018 Youth Leadership 124

Youth conflict managment club and young women's mentorship

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