Gulnaz Duishenbai

SUSI 2015

Gulnaz visited seven rural high schools located outside the city of Naryn and conducted human rights trainings for approximately 20 students in each school. The main idea of the trainings was to encourage students to stand up for each other's "Human Rights" no matter what challenges they face in the process. The underlying message was the concept of humanity- since we are all humans, we cannot let anyone or anything destroy us.

Gulnaz posed questions to the students such as how our lives are deeply connected with traditions, religions, social status, mass media and how they create and reinforce stereotypes which can be damaging to human rights. She then asked the students to discuss and solve situational issues involving struggles with injustice or inequality. The students did a good job of solving these issues, and Gulnaz was very pleased with the outcome.

photo from Gulnaz Duishenbai project
Students discuss and solve situational human rights issues together.


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