Munisa Mukhamedova

SUSI 2015

In December 2015, Munisa organized “U2,” a short-term service-learning project to empower young people with disabilities. Munisa selected ten college level volunteers from Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies to plan and implement a one-day educational training for elementary students with deaf and blind disabilities in Boarding School № 1 in Tashkent city, Uzbekistan. The college volunteer team led a large group of students in fun and educational activities and provided each student with stationary and coloring supplies as a gift. The project positively benefited both groups of students; providing opportunities for everyone to learn new skills, and work cooperatively and relate to others. Most importantly to Munisa, the project built a stronger sense that people with disabilities are an equal part of the community.

photos from Munisa Mukhamedova's Project
Munisa (3rd from left) and volunteers lead student activities at the Boarding School No. 1 in Tashkent City, Uzbekistan


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