Health Care Benefits

Each Institute participant will have health care benefits.

There are co-payments required for medical treatment ($25 for doctor’s office visits; $75 for ER, Hospitalizations, and Urgent Care; and $15 for drugs). Please note that the plan only covers urgent medical problems that develop during the time you are in the U.S. on the program, such as accidents, and acute illnesses. It does not cover doctor's visits or treatment for pre-existing conditions. Should you require medical attention during your visit, we will assist you throughout this time.

If you are currently under regular treatment for any illnesses or medical conditions, we advise you to consult your doctor before your departure. If you will require medical treatment for an existing condition during your visit, please let us know in advance.

If you are taking any medication on a regular basis, you should bring a supply to last for the entire duration of your stay. Bring any essential medication in your carry-on baggage in the plane, in the event that your checked luggage is temporarily lost or delayed in getting here.


The Study of the United States Institute (SUSI) on Women's Leadership is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA). ECA’s mission is "to foster mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries to promote friendly and peaceful relations.

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This is a program of the U.S. Department of State, administered by Green River College.