Host Families

Photo of Host parent and participants at Farewell Banquet.

After Washington D.C., we will accompany you to Washington State by air, and there you will meet your host family. While at the College, you will enjoy home-stay accommodations with families near the Green River campus. Host families will provide a private room for each of you and prepare an evening meal with the family and access to food for breakfast and lunch and snacks. All your meals will be provided, most by the host family with additional meals provided by the College, especially during lunch or on field trips. You will also receive an allowance to supplement the meals.

In your host family, you will be a guest but also a member of the family and participate in family life and activities. Most host families provide daily transportation to and from the College, or live within walking distance. There may be up to three of you staying with a family, but each of you will have a private room. Home stays provide a unique opportunity to experience family life and culture in a typical American family.

There are numerous benefits to this arrangement, which will enhance your experience in the program. These benefits include cultural immersion and daily interaction with family members, which in turn promote English language skills development and the opportunity to observe and ask questions. Host families will also provide some sightseeing and social activities on the weekends.

The United States uses alternating current, 60 cycles 110 volts. If you bring electrical equipment, make sure it is compatible and bring an adaptor plug. Alarm clocks and irons will be available in the home.



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